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The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread


ClioSport Club Member
Many still on the go over in the EU zone but left hookers obvs. Guess climate has a lot to do with it. Although it's strange that so many R5GTT's have survived here and almost no 19 16vs. Any other countries that have nice climate that drive on the same side? Cheap imports maybe?

Cyprus would be the best bet.

I'm importing a 22B from Cyprus currently


ClioSport Club Member
Couple today...

A 1.6 GTI languishing on a driveway. Was pretty green. Looks like it's been there a good while:


GR Yaris in the Toyota storage near where my work vans are stored:



ClioSport Club Member
  Hyundai Santa Fe
An old Pontiac Firebird yesturday, nice to see but shame it's been sat for 10 years
  2005 Fabia Vrs
There’s an evo ive seen on a drive not far from me which is covered in moss and looks neglected. Some of the cars people leave on their drive rotting is criminal!


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini Cooper S
Didn't know what the hell I was following earlier, until I got closer. Must be quite a rare thing?

Leaf Nismo...


AutoExpress article says there were no plans for a UK release. It was on a UK 70 plate.


ClioSport Club Member
All those belong in a PL clubs training ground car park

either that or the sea 😂😂

You can put me in their too if it means I can drive round in an Aventador or Huracan. Wouldn't drive the other stuff, but would happily have any of the Lamborghinis.

All G’s are horrendous. The Brabus versions even more so.

Horrendous, but somehow quite charming at the same time in my experience. Would like to drive the current one, but thought the old G63 was quite amusing in an old Land Rover sort of way.


ClioSport Club Member
Not even a slight tickle down there.

It's ok, be probably doesn't think much to your car either 😉 I'm the same to be honest. They don't do much for me, but it's still nice to see one out in the wild!

I don't think its fair that @massivewangers is in Dubai, all those cars are the equivalent to an A class over here 😂

It is ridiculous how common that stuff is. What is interesting is just how strong Lamborghini are out here. They probably outnumber Ferraris at least five to one.