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OE04UYN - RB FF 182 (ex The Boosh's Motor)

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Right, my daily 172 is getting to the end of its time with me, i toyed for a while with replacing it with a few other motors, something outside the clio world, but in the end after speaking to Dave88 (well moaning to him) about the lack of FF RB's up north, he mentioned Luke (The Boosh) was soon to be selling his example.

Initially i had it in my head i wanted a mint, standard, low mileage car to just jump in as was and use, but after a quick trip to sheffield and a nosey over the car, a chat with the owner, and a mull over the figures, i chucked an offer at Luke and we struck a deal. I was happy as i came in well under budget for the car fund i had set aside and Luke was happy as its represented zero effort for him to shift the car.

So a big thankyou to Luke for letting me take the reigns with the clio and we'll see where it goes under my ownership! i know it was hard for him to part with it, a true enthusiast owner and all round top bloke :)

Right onto the car, i picked it up on Saturday and had a giggle of a drive home, just getting used to the car and having fun. noticed a couple of niggles i would like to sort mechanically, and a couple that can wait. i also have a few other plans for the car in terms of new bits to get it to how i want it, this will all be time and cash dependant as well of course due to it technically being just a daily runabout! but I cant help but love it already so i will treat it with the care and respect it deserves and it can have a few treats to boot if the turbo behaves and doesnt thrape my funds!

Basic specs are:

- Full Fat Racing Blue
- KTEC coilovers
- Speedline 2118 Alloys with PE2 tyres
- Yozza Stainless Exhaust
- Alpine stereo
- Road angel
- Boot net
- Boot tidy tray
- Few Carbon wrapped bits (probably going)
- 104k miles on the clock
- Just had minor service

So today, i gave the car a quick wash, had a nosey over it, and made 'The List' which will be at the bottom of this post :)

Couple of snaps of the car as picked up:



Quick jetwash and wash over later and i had this canvas to pick over and see what i wanted to alter/change/sort








The alpine has ipod in the glovebox connectivity, and works from the renault wheel stalk as well :)



All the shuts are pretty much spotless, doors and bootlid


Was pretty happy with how it came up overall, so i cracked on with the first few bits i had spotted, firstly stickers, i'm not a big fan of stickers so i removed the one from the bonnet and the rear window, plan is to acquire a white Cliosport sticker to replace the rear window one and place it higher and on the inside as well to clean the lines a bit

front sticker mark




clean front end


next was the boot sticker, from this


to this, as mentioned it will be replaced with a smaller/more subtle CS sticker at a later date, less obscuring to the rear view


then decided that the Yozza was not looking happy, so whipped out the autosol and wire wool, and went from this mess:



to half done


and el fini



much cleaner rear now :)


So then had a nosey at the headlights, they will need a polish up as they are hazing, but they also have a strange almost where mould has been looking markings on the inside? tried to take a pic and can only just make it out, anyone any clues???


will sort them later, and by this time i decided to go for a womble with our lass so progress halted.

I did have a look round the paintwork and the following blemishes are evident, off the back of the look over i think i will have the front and perhaps the rear bumpers resprayed to clean them up and the rest are too minor to worry about. I will be giving the underside a once over, cleanup and full waxoyl before the winter sets in also.

anyway, the marks

front bumper scuff, this is the worst and has actually rubbed some of the plastic away as well, hopefully repairable by my man, if not then may have to source a new bumper


scuff on passenger side front


scuff/rub on driver side front


weird mark on drivers rear


small mark on passenger rear (which i stupidly did backing too far up the drive, muppet!!)


all the marks arent much and the rest of the car bar one or two tiny imperfections is pretty much spot on, not bad for a 100k 8 year old motor ;-)

current list of niggles and issues:

1. Investigate front end rattle
2. Investigate (and probably ignore, lol!) gearbox whine in 1st
3. Investigate slight blow from yozza when cold
4. Respray bumpers
5. Polish/dehaze headlights
6. degrease and jetwash engine bay
7. replace front seal on bonnet shut (got it)
8. Paint calipers black and remove yellow from bullets
9. Waxoyl and checkover underside
10. Fix slight oil weep from cam seal and rocker
11. General mechanical once over

and shiny stuff i want to do:

1. Remove carbon wrapped bits
2. add my carbon parts - bar the boot handle, not so keen now seen it
3. add engine cover and perhaps get it sprayed RB with the bumpers
4. check air filter and replace with ITG if needed
5. get some tyres for the turinis and try em on
6. full polish and back to black sesh

bits :)







thats it for now folks, but progress should trundle along as i collect parts, check stuff over and get it ready to go on the road to replace the 172 come insurance renewal time beginning of november ;)


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Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Want to sell me the wheels Coops? Everyone knows you're a bloody purist ;-)
Not decided as yet chap if i'm selling or keeping them, we'll see how funds go, they may look good on the mk 1 ;)

Purist??? you have seen the turbo havent you, not the most standard of clios......although i do like to adhere to the cliche of oe+ ;)
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
Mk1... Gay (not that I wanted them at all for my R19).

If you do decide to get all anal/OCD with this one get Dunc to give me a call. Also, tell him I've still got a timing belt kit a water pump for his dads Fabia

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
cheers John

as said, the 2118's may be shifted on but only with a big enough cash carrot dangled in front of me ;)

and ai will probs hound Dunc in the week Mick, will let him know you have the bits kickin about, he's gone under the radar again atm! i doubt i'll be going full mad OCD, afterall its only a daily in theory.......famous last words!

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
it was a corking buy imo, the car was a credit to Luke tbh, and the niggles are just that, niggles, if i wanted to i could just drive and maintain it and thats it, but i have been itching for another fixer upper since the turbo was dragged kicking and screaming up to scratch :)

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Clio 4 R.S.

Plans sound awesome though Ben. Glad I sold her you now though. She wasn't perfect, and being a poor student couldn't afford to make her so in my ownership, but I'm glad you're putting some cash into making her bob on. Cant wait to see the end result :)

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Don't worry chap, i will do her proud...although supposedly its a he and called 'Sharky' god knows why but perhaps its something to do with the fact our lass' car is called 'George' and she wants them to start an aquatic crime fighting team..........

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
ultimate traceability! :) i'll nosey over his thread now, cheers for the heads up
  E91 330D
Nice to see Lukey's steed has stayed with a club member.

I hope you and Dave never drive past each other, the noise would make make children cry and possible break windows.

Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member
Looking forward to seeing this project.

I remember first seeing this down at jms when I had some work done and it was this very car that got me on the hunt for coilovers and 2118s!

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
just routed through makavelli's project thread, i have a bit of living upto to do! it was a right minter back in the day wasnt it! must make it as mint, must must must!loool! :)

ai Grey man, i intend to visit Dave upon my black superlegs for a slammed, yozza'd, superlegged 182 meet.

and cheers Jekyll, hopefully i can get it up to scratch :)

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
I don't think anyone did, he did it on the quiet and scooted off to the south to drive a DCi ;)

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
rofl, harsh words ;)

oh Gray, thinking of another Mansfield mini meet this week, Thursday night perhaps if you fancy it, dirty burger again ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk3.5 MX5
Such a good buy. Look forward to seeing where you go with it mate.

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
There's a reason they're rare, they're fappin hideous ;)

Gray i'll text u wed let you know plans if any :)


ClioSport Club Member
  lots of clios.
Looks great as is on the 2118's! However the anth 2118s would look ace on the flower' ;)
  MR2 Mk3 / Giulietta
Love this, saw it at Micks a while back and enquired about this but you beat me to it ;)

Can I just ask who you use for your dents and scuffs? Got a few similar things I need to sort.


EDIT: Just noticed the plate is very similar to my dead 182 OE04 YWN. Yep...