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The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread


ClioSport Club Member

Doesn't look like it
Wow. There's a lot of 6R4 going on with those front ones. Hmmm.


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
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Saw a black 68 Charger today with green Mopar stripes, the thing drowned out the combined engine noise of about 6 cars around it.

F*cking things are massive compared to modern cars.



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Corvette Stingray in Yellow cutting around Corby today.
Didn't have the car with the dashcam though so no pics.


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It comes up as a 1991 car on 135k with a ton of old MOT fails and advisories on the pas ones. It even failed in September.

Short Legs

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  a better one
Saw a 1982 Citroen CX yesterday on the M1.

Looked great, sat driving behind it you could see how much wider the front was than the back.


ClioSport Club Member
A light purple / violet colured Lambo Huracan this morning with a big spoiler (I don't think it was a Performante) with a number 45 on it.


ClioSport Club Member

Doesn't look like it
Jesus it's f**king revolting

Darren S

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Not a singer imo. Lower bumper, and the headlights look totally wrong.

But there's loads of companies doing the restomod Porsche thing.

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I don't think it is either - given what's been said and the fact that the Singer 'Dubai' model isn't a Targa. Still looks good though!



ClioSport Club Member
f**king awful!! It's not like a Bentayga is a stunner anyway (I kind of don't mind them) & they do and do that to it!

It reminds me a lot of a Gemballa GT600 Cayenne which floats around work, it has the engine & number of turbos etc written along the bottom of the doors. Classy!! :sick:


ClioSport Club Member
I do have a bit of a soft spot for the fox Mustang for some weird reason. Needs to be hard top and massively modified though.

Chris V6 255

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Love the look of the new mk8 golf.



There seems to be a lot of hate for it but I think it looks great.

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