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The everlasting ph1 ITB Build **GREEN-BUILD STARTS AT PAGE 100**


ClioSport Club Member
the decision was made on the plans for this car the same day and just hours after i went and looked at what was going to be by next car, a toyota glanza, in the end i chose not to go down that route as for the same money if not more i was getting something very dated and not possibly as reliable.

Me and TomS then proceeded to come up with ideas over starbucks and this is what we come up with after a few other ideas.


the plan is for coilovers, to refurb the standard wheels something a bit different, this theme will be run through the car. breathing mods, stripped interior with bucket seats and harnesses and a general tidy around of other parts.

so this is how the car started


after i hit a badger i needed the front bumper resprayed and fitted...minty mcmint


the standard wheels which were lying around were then stripped of the tyres and taken to the painter / sprayer. (the r19 wheels are sold)



meanwhile i managed to get hold of some diadem front indicator bulbs to loose that orange look at the front



and also some clear side repeaters to get rid of those beautiful orange ones


and then just an hour ago the painter / sprayer delivered my wheels back
(hard to get a photo of the colour)







very happy to say the least, (thanks to Day for the vinyls)

he still has some other bits to do this week including 2x caf trumpets that will be going in the front fog light holes and also the door badges,

the trumpets and the text on the door badges are going the same colour as the wheel detail.

to go with the trumpets i have received this today from andy905, thanks very much, which will take take of the breathing.



kind of started on the interior by picking up some harnesses, they are a little dirty but with a good clean up should look good, they are 3 points quick release, i am thinking i now want 4's and i may look at getting some others and not even using these (pm me if you are interested)


am watching some seats on ebay and in talks with members on here also, got to be side mounted and fixed i think

am also in need of some coilovers, have been researching these, and am yet to decide on prices and what ones i want.

got something else in the post also....thought it should have come today but it didn't.......have to have another update soon.

interior is for sale including front and rear seats and seatbelts.

steering wheel may also be avaliable soon

also disk changer is avaliable

comments welcome


ClioSport Club Member
Re: someph-ing different...........

Wheels look different, like it alot. Look forward to seeing more.
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Re: someph-ing different...........




Sorry about caps :D
Re: someph-ing different...........

Not a fan of black wheels on any cars! But these are the first set that have changed my mind about them! Going to look like a sl*g! ;)
  Clio 197
Re: someph-ing different...........

Looks like this will be lush once finished. Really have fallen for the PH1 now. Will own one i think if i needed to spare up some cash on the 197.
Re: someph-ing different...........

Those wheels look the nuts dude!

I may have to copy you now hahahaa ;)
Re: someph-ing different...........

mmm the wheel looks wicked, liking them alot. i had seen something like this recently on another car (cant remember what) and was tempted. but now youve done it, im going back to the drawing board lol
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Re: someph-ing different...........


One off vinyls Neil, we won't be making them for anyone else so your exclusiveness is guaranteed.

Vinyls supplied by Shine Detailing & Design.
Contact myself or Ady182 for enquiries.
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  Vee dub
Re: someph-ing different...........

mate - those wheels look amazing..... even better than I expected


ClioSport Club Member
Re: someph-ing different...........

glad people approve...although i couldn't really am fooking stoked.

they wheels ended up being quite a bit more than first anticipated but they are a great finish and they look the nuts, really don't want to put them on til the car is coilovered but they have to go on tomorrow.....

yellow calipers will sit behind the wheels also.....can't wait to carry on with everything else
  titanic killer
Re: someph-ing different...........

Wheels are absolute sex they will look mint,great choice mods too,will look spot on,nice one
Re: someph-ing different...........

Love it mate, glad you kept it.

Cant wait to see the change continue.
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
Re: someph-ing different...........

phor phux sake freebone...

enough of the 'ph' already ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault 5 GT Turbo
Re: someph-ing different...........

Looking good fella,

Wheels look fantatic... glad i told my painter to paint my yesterday..... I wont tell ya what colour but there not black so i aint copying ya. :)
  F4R'd ITB'd '92 cup racer
Re: someph-ing different...........

wheels are sex! :clap:

lairy colours look awesome on track cars :D
  phase 1 172
Re: someph-ing different...........

were your wheels tire when they got back from the painters hence being on your bed?

wheels looking great got a simila idea for my beast, nice one for going down an original route mate


ClioSport Club Member
Re: someph-ing different...........

nice wheels!
My mates dun them with his subaru wheels after we saw that style everywhere at autosport international


ClioSport Club Member
Re: someph-ing different...........

cheers chaps.....

some of them being fitted today....

old wheels off

new wheels on

some more shots (dirty car, and raining hard)



old wheels off, cleaned and ready for delivery to the new owner

got home smiling and a little bit lighter on the wallet and then found this had come

will be going in when buckets and harnesses go in.

more work next week, will be fitting the yellow trumpets and then all the ven air ducting, and also the door badges

calipers will be going yellow and the wheel bolts in black
Re: someph-ing different...........

got home smiling and a little bit lighter on the wallet and then found this had come

will be going in when buckets and harnesses go in.
That's a mean decat pipe :p

Although I'm more interested in the CCM sticks, needing to buy a whole set of kit again as am taking up hockey again :)