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The Nana Hybrid

  Phase 1 172
hi all im new to this forum, been on williamsclio for years. i decided to start a project blog on here as well, right i picked up the shell of the nana hybrid from warrington back in june 2010, since then it has undergone further fettling, tinkering and plenty of money thrown at it. The plan is to get it to a similar spec to what it was and then improve on it from there. so far ive managed to do the following:-

Powdercoat all subframe, anti roll bar, wishbones, cam cover, thermostat housing, rocker cover, sub frame support bars.

Goodridge braided brake lines and refurbish calipers,

Undercoat the rest of the underside of the shell,

Polybushed the complete from end inc rear dogbone mount,

Manual steering rack and column,

Tidied up wiring to fuel pumps,

Relocated boot release solinoid.

Will post pics up later


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT
Blast from the past!!! (Not you) the car! I mind when Adam, Martin, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc used to own it. The V5C must be 5 pages long now!

Look forward to seein the pics! I had a few good blasts against that car around Cadwell.
  Phase 1 172
yes its been passed about abit buddy. V5C is still one page lol but folder of receipts is an A4 ringbinder. here are some pics of the current progress.



















new carbon lid with aero catch pins, loads more to come
  Phase 1 172
hell that was along time ago it was red lol, yeah think the car has quite an influence on everyone. will have an update this weekend. but bay was laquered fter being sprayed black. Avo's off for re-furb, springs being powdercoated. need to paint front calipers black. got subframe built up this week aln with all the polybushes fitted what a chore that was since subframe arb and brackets hae been coated.
  Phase 1 172
Right time for an overdue update, the postey has been very busy recently delivering packages. got my header tank from schakal. polybushes from k-tec and ball joints rack gaitors and track rod ends from rapid car parts.
right since lil one crahed out at 6 and the missus and the old dear where engrosed in the soaps. i then set about assembling my subframe in the kitchen. my admit it was quite a chore to get the rear arb bushes in and clamped up on my tod. found myself chasing it aroundte kitchen floor.
woke up bright and early this morning whilst the rest of the house was still asleep i was outside assembling the nana and getting subframe mounted so that when the avo springs come back from aerocoat (powdercoaters local to me) the car can sit back on the deck since june 2010.
header tank





















next on the agenda is to get the brakes fitted and bled then car is ready for the engine, all for now
  FULL FAT 182
Looking very nice, i remember getting chased by this car a brands hatch back in 2006. But you making a good progress, and much better with the black engine bay.
  Phase 1 172
cheers buddy. yesit was the only thing left red on the whole car, gaz had interior done few years back. its had more owners than i ve had hot dinners. should be done by april ;)
  ITB'd MK1
Those lower arm bush sleeves dont look like you've welded them in. Very important that you do or they'll move and eat into the subframe. Lovely build so far :)
  Phase 1 172
someone did warn me about that, had them on my old hybrid. but they never moved but since loads of people seem to be doing it and the car will be mainleytrack based i better do it :approve:
Why does nobody ever tac weld the wishbone sleeves in?!?! It tells you to in the instructions LOL!!

If you dont the bushes / sleeves will be mangled and chew into the subframe after a few 1000 miles!
  Phase 1 172
Why does nobody ever tac weld the wishbone sleeves in?!?! It tells you to in the instructions LOL!!

If you dont the bushes / sleeves will be mangled and chew into the subframe after a few 1000 miles!

think everyone get a bit too keen. will be tacking mine this week. :approve:

thanks for all the positive comments ;)
  Phase 1 172
that was along time ago, ive seen a few vids of yours on youtube and your has a rep of being quick :approve: have to some battles this year ;)
  RS Clio 200
wow ping that is looking real good! Much fun! Ive intoduced the bogie to the forum in the newb section.. see what ya think bud ;)
  williams and trophy
that was along time ago, ive seen a few vids of yours on youtube and your has a rep of being quick :approve: have to some battles this year ;) quicker than any of the others iv had tbh. so to me they all pretty standard fare.

williams 2 i had was about 0.1 secs off my 1/4 times, when craggy had it.....another blast from the past lol.

the other williams 1 i have i think is a little quicker.

again, they all pretty much the same tbh, altho the nana, was stripped quite a bit and had same mods, with mine running same kinda times but fully loaded...maybe it was a tad quicker ;) not much in between any of em tbh. ....but evo quote set figures, so me and the rest of the daily drivers must be wrong....just ask gally, lol.

be good to see it back out n destroying things it really shouldnt. will have to have a few re-runs when both yours and mine are finished lol.
  Phase 1 172
be good to have some re runs :approve: hate scoobys so they are top of the agenda :rasp: im aiming for 14's as it will have a cage in it soon.
  Phase 1 172
Right mini update, windscreen replaced for measly sum of £40 :approve: and just waiting for brakes to arrive. will be running oe setup for now with brembo discs with carbon lorraine pads. also welded sleives on wishbones :D will be more next week
  Astra SRI/ Hornet
Wow this car must of had fortunes spent on it. Did some1 not turbo it at 1 point then break it straight away?
  Phase 1 172
no buddy its always been NA since day one, turbos are for nancies :approve: Yes, the folder of reciepts is massive, every keeper has spent thousands apon thousands on keeping it in tip top nick. For a k reg PH 1 there is next to no rust at all except the rear arches only started to bubble paint ever so slightly. so its only surface rust :D good solid shell not bad considering its nearly 18 years old :eek:
  Phase 1 172
Shouldn't be too hard okeep on to of it all as loads has bee replaced all ready, also with it being trailered places mileage is gonna be kept low but it will be hard miles ;)
  Phase 1 172
Right nice update
been cracking on the car, had a delivery of some very shiney go faster bits couple of weeks ago. so i got the nana moved to a friends unit to start work.

got the nana all loaded up

got the truck all loaded up as well

then we arrived at the unit

unloaded the car


then set about removing the F7P (which is for sale on here

and its out

then setabout getting new one ready, new water pump new cambelt

then the nice new 10k F7R engine was in

old F7P on pallet ready for sale

then dropped back on the deck for fluids

oh look what else landed in there


now we have an engine spec of

F7R 2.0 16V
catcams 5222025
catcams pulleys
AWT headwork
fully rebuilt std b/e
ITG panel filter
Mongoose S/S System
Supersprint manifold
Remapped ecu
mocal oil cooler kit

JC5 williams Gearbox
R5GTT uprated clutch

current mileage is 10.259

little more tittyvating and its done
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
wow, didn't realise this was still about!

I remember it being built and sprayed, and then later there was talk of is being dismantled and scrapped!

Great that is still going and looks like a top job in your hands
  Phase 1 172
cheers fella its been hidden away for the last few years, should be out this year at fcs and few rs days dont think its been seen properly at trackdays or car shows since 2008/2009
  53 Clio's & counting
Great to see the nana back with an r7r in it, I know it started life as a valver but it just seems wrong with a 7p in lol
  Phase 1 172
hi fred im selling those powerlexed wishbones and valver arb, as i fitted williams wide track, used genuine renault bushes on the lower arms to keep it simple ;)