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The New Phone Thread


ClioSport Club Member
Great choice Warren. He only lets it slip now and again but mkbhd definitely uses one for his Android phone just now and an 11 pro as his iOS. Says a lot. Great phone. 8/10 cameras out the box, especially video. Let's be honest none of the flagships are bad though.


ClioSport Club Member
The OnePlus 8 5G (12gb) is down to £580 on Amazon at the moment. The 8T (8gb) is £549 and the Pro is £899.

I've been looking at them recently to replace the Pixel 2xl.


ClioSport Club Member
I think I'll be moving to the 8 Pro when my S10 contract runs out. It only seems to be available on Three though? I'd quite like to move away from them because their signal isn't the best


ClioSport Club Member
Not sure what to do with this. Screen replacement is £280.

Might sell as is, cut my losses and buy a significantly better phone!



ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Going to get my pro 20 unlocked when I get my 11.

Its in very good condition, always been in a case. Its the black not twighlight.

Was thinking about 130/140 delivered?
  09 astra 1.6 T
how do you find the oppo, i cam upgrade at the end of the month and was looking at the oppo phones
Loving it! Nice to use, feels good, it's fast at loading everything up (despite my oneplus 6t having the better processor I've noticed no difference, only really comes in if you've got big games I think). Cameras are really good on it too, and the colour of it is the awesome
The only minor thing is when it vibrates it feels a bit "cheap" so to speak, like, the 6t felt a bit sharper and solid
That's the only thing though and doesn't really matter lol
Had my Pixel 5 since Friday can't fault it so far, coming from a p20 pro I was a bit worried the battery wouldn't be as good but it's loads better ending every day with 20-30%.

Camera is also very good, would definitely recommend it if you're thinking of getting one