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The Odyssey (Phase 1 172) - By Coops

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Acquired this at the weekend, cheers @boomerbang2006 for the sale, very easy transaction.
I've wanted another phase 1 for a bit but frankly just haven't needed one and was supposed to be concentrating on the Mk1 172 track car this year, but all that went out the window after few beers on Saturday night! Bought it with frankly the intent to kill it for some bits and make a bit of cash. However upon actually driving the thing and checking it over, decided its too good to break.

Basic spec:
- Phase 1 172 in Odyssey Blue
- 144k
- Ktec Stealth
- Ktec Engine Mounts
- Polybushed Dogbone
- Decent slice of history inc engine rebuild around 18 months ago inc belts etc.

- fix niggles
- remove shiny bits to return to true standard
- refurb headlights
- realign front bumper
- tidy up under bonnet

As delivered:

Removed the stainless tow eye and sold it, not my thing

then removed stickers from windows and rear quarters again not for me and as said, project standard for this one!!


Side repeaters replaced for original orange


Gear gaitor repaired as it was attached incorrectly, although is it now too low on the lever?


Door opening handles replaced as they were the phase 2 shiny silver items, again not what I want in this


Then a Vac, fitted new mats


And a quick bath, scrubbed up okay!


And finally, what's this little spoiler thing in the windscreen seal? never seen it before?


Next jobs are the headlights as mentioned and sort a random immobiliser issue, I have a spare set of ECU/UCH etc etc if needed so may have to swap it all over as it occasionally wont start with immobiliser light flashing

Also need to acquire some more standard bits, like none colour coded side strips and foglight surrounds amongst others. Will keep adding more no doubt!

Cheers for looking



ClioSport Club Member
  Ph1 172 & 172 Cup
I saw this and dropped him a message but you must have already grabbed it :smile: looks good, look forward to seeing what you do with it :up:

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
These kids just don't understand matey!
thing that boggles my mind is having bought many a mk1 in 12 year old 80k condition......they were always, and I mean always.....a wreck...this thing has cost me half what they used to, is 4 years older and done 60k more and its essentially.......well mint. I know i'm easily pleased but to see an arch needing no welding is just, well just brings me to tears! lol!
  Phs1 172
Nice looking odyssey, it looks almost identical to mine... Although mine needs tidying up at the front. Mines a high miler to and is currently at 170k but still drives v well and uses to fluids at all.

I'll have to dig my old thread out and update it.

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
That's the windscreen seal for cars with sunroofs, acts as a little wind deflector, so it's the wrong one for the car, not that it matters really, still does the job.
ah right, I've never owned a none sport mk2 so never had one with a sunroof! must of had a screen replacement at some point and had the wrong screen seal fitted! every day is a school day!

Nice looking odyssey, it looks almost identical to mine... Although mine needs tidying up at the front. Mines a high miler to and is currently at 170k but still drives v well and uses to fluids at all.

I'll have to dig my old thread out and update it.
please do, nice to see the phase 1's being used and looked after, I do like my 182 but this is a little gem and literally a mile or so behind the wheel and I want to keep it!lol!
Everytime I see an Odyssey Blue Ph1 it makes me regret not buying the one I had the chance of buying before Christmas. I have a sneaky feeling of kept standard and in a good condition the blue ones, along with Flamers will hold their value.
  2005 Fabia Vrs
I'm kicking myself for not getting this one. Tried to arrange a viewing before Christmas and for one reason or another couldn't sort it. Then I had to get my absolute shed and regret it even more!!!


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 16v/172 daily
looks much better taking it back to standard :)

same plan I have for my ph1 when I get around to tidying her up

keep the updates coming :)

p.s. I second the comment about buying a car with no rusty arches, makes life alot easyer :D

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Cheers guys, hopefully get her up to scratch over next few months.
It's had an intermittent starting fault, so today I stripped down the steering wheel cowling to have a look as it's an immobiliser fault


All the wiring looked fine so no concerns, and the key sensor for the immobiliser looked in good condition and orientated correctly etc. But I stripped it all off and cleaned it with a damp cloth anyway.
Put it all back together and it started first time.... And restarted it few more times and hasn't missed once. Also locked unlocked a few times and started in-between, seems fine. Not wholly convinced though as seems too easy and didn't really do anything unless wiring connector was slightly loose maybe. Either way time will tell!
Removed the front fogs next to replace the surroundings for none sprayed ones, which I need to buy


Next job was remove the later model stereo as I'll be sourcing an original tape deck one



And had a nosey round the interior and spotted few flaws, rear seat belt holder guide thing on one side is snapped, not sure what I'll do with that as it's part of the seat. Didn't get a pic!
Also the top dash is covered in scratches and passenger side sun visor has a rip so they'll get replaced also!





Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Cheers @182_steve
In actually enjoying what I'm hoping is going to be a simple, tinkering, project rather than the mk1 which is rather more full on!
Just lots of satisfying,simple little jobs for this one to get it back to factory!


ClioSport Club Member
The factory look is sometimes the most appealing look :smile::up:

Now, you best get that dash removed quickly! We can't have marks like that in a 10+ year old car! :tonguewink:

Seriously though! I'm a neat/OCD freak! So I completely understand why you want to do it :up:

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Yeah its one of those things @20vKarlos , its going to snowball as I keep identifying bits that are pissing me off and 'letting the car down'! lol!
Couldn't you just spray the fog light surrounds? I've sprayed mine satin black, as I wanted to re-paint the brake duct trumpets as they got stone chipped but glued into the light surrounds. Doesn't look any different to standard tbh.

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
yeah I could do, was in two minds but if I did do that i'd have to go round and satin black all the rest of the plastics to match too (I'm bit OCD like that)
plus I think some slight fading on the plastics is not the end of the world, provided the patina is there uniformly it'll be in keeping with the angle I'm approaching the mini resto from, I'm not wanting to go full absolute minter on it, just good, honest, complete car!
  RenaultSport 172
Hi there
Nice motor :)

Just thought I'd say I have original side strips if you want them. I have sprayed these in gloss black and they look better than the faded look they were before. I think a clip is broken but otherwise pretty good condition



£10 posted?

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Tiny update, thought I'd treat her to a magic tree and try starting her again, first turn. So came back inside, watched telly and did my ironing, went back out,tried her again... First time again.
Seems a magic tree fixes immobiliser issues in old Renaults :p

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Well did a load at the car today!

Original plan was to put it all back to completely standard. However I want to powdercoat the OZ F1's and i'm also still collecting bits.

As such decided I would pop a few cheeky mods on the car for a bit, mainly just to see what it looked like!

So first job was to remove the gen ren mug guards from the rear bumper..


much better, I will remove the gunk from what looks like some double sided foam tape when I next wash the car as I also need to remove the residue from the rear quarter stickers I also removed


about 20kg of mud in them too!flol!


I then jacked the car up to complete the next task, removing the ktec stealth non-res exhaust and fitting a standard pattern exhaust I bought



ktec on the car



new one to go on




back on the deck and much better, can't see it from the rear of the car!


Then jacked up again from the rear, wheels removed which was a pain as they were stuck on the hubs! no nasty surprises though, all bolts undid fine. This is to fit the H&R springs I removed from the RB earlier in the day



Theme continued throughout this job, most of the bolts I removed looked in mint nick really!


rear springs fitted


the calipers had been painted yellow at some point in the past, not to my taste so quick lick of hammerite hammered black and looks much better, very quick job with naff all prep but it'll do and at least no more yellow behind the wheels!



Moved on to the fronts next, which did require a quick nip on the spring compressors to pop the old springs off, RB doesn't need this so guessing its the cup suspension on that making the difference!


replaced a knackered top mount bearing on one side, other side was mint so can't of been changed together. I've got loads in the shed so no drama!


and fitted to the car, again hammered the front calipers too to cover the yellow, and again a crappy job but not aiming for perfection here!



Then fitted my BMW sparking graphite grey Williams speedline wheels which I've had for years, wanted to see how the looked on the odyssey. Also fitted with TPi bolts



Also swapped to the silver on black original side strip badges, but decided to leave the body coloured strips on for now. Also decided to swap to some smoked side repeaters, again just whilst its in 'modded' mode!lol!


And done



Next removed the rear wiper trim as that's going to get sprayed satin black like the fog surrounds



And one last little job, randomly noticed this bit of trim missing other day, again got loads in the shed from previous cars I've killed


much better


And to finish off, side shot before and after todays work!



C&C not in any way welcome, my car my rules ;-)


  Mec 350 slk manual
This is coming along always wondered what those wheel's would look like on a odyssey also in silver

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Yeah got bored of that idea quickly when I starting thinking about bits I had kicking about. All bolt ons though so easily returned to stock ;-)
Wheels look spot on.
Your door strips, have the standard "textured" ones been painted or are they smooth? The standard logo badge in them is a nice touch actually, breaks the colour up.