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The runabout.. Staying standard. Well was.

So, Took this in Part ex for my old silver one. Plan was to sell asap, to give me the last few ££ for the M3 I'm lusting for.

I Did the belts on it for the previous owner, then it was parked up and not used.

So I had it back, part of the deal was I kept the Cruise control and my Recaro's.

So with the silver one going within 2 days, I went with Emma to go and collect it:

Quickly off loaded, Taxed and then driven to work that evening.

A few issues were noted when It was in for service, Needed rear tyres and front wheels needed balancing. So new tyres ordered, then came the first issue. The locking wheel nut key had been misplaced. So cracked the welder out and got the lockers off and new tyres fitted and balanced the fronts. After going and helping Chip on his mk1, we went out for food and took Lesleys RS2'd and 197 cammed clio out, now she can pedal along nicely and the car very much impressed.

Next day I saw an RS2 come up for sale. And I already had some 197 cams lying around that I hadnt fitted. Slowly spending my M3 budget here!! couple of days later I had this arrive...

That weekend I had a few jobs in (182 belt and a LCR in for a belt and water pump, and a Cup in for Recaro fitment) so My car was on one ramp whilst I was doing the others. I timed up the cams With Help from Mike Woodford MST.


Finished saturday night about 830 and Chip offered to have It mapped that evening (I still owe Lesley a favour after stealing her other half for an evening!) So on I cracked over, New map uploaded and it became a different car. Unfortunatly it wasnt without its issues.. The wideband decided to play funny buggars and we had to abort that evening. Either way is still Pulled very nicely, Rev limit is set very high(at My request, Id sooner not use them than get caught out and clip the limiter.)

Quick video...

I then purchased a Yozza off here as the power flow system was about 2" bore, so not enough for the engine now.

I had it rolling roaded on the monday, just as a baseline figure. I personally trust these rollers, having used them MANY times before and have always come up circa 168 for a standard 172, 155 on a williams, 150 on an F7r megane..

It came out at 192bhp, with a torque figure of 143lb-ft. Yes, on the low side, but this was on an un-finished map we checked it this weekend to find its running slightly lean and is being adjusted to suit..


A before and after run on the RSTuner is here, literally as a guide line to show the difference. The weights are different due to one being 3/4 of a tank, the other being nearly empty.

The idle is rather lumpy with the 197 cams.

The Yozza turned up and went on yesterday, and this has also free'd up how it pulls. Its certainly more keen than before now.

And a quick clean:

Thats It up to date now.. although I am on the lookout for a set of H+R's or Bilsteins. And there could be MASSIVE changes coming over winter...
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The massive changes are looking to be going ahead..

They are going along these lines..

At the garage I have my cupra R that I'm breaking, I had sold the engine for a substantial amount, however, the guy who bought it was due to bring it down to be fitted and was promptly sideswiped by an HGV. So With the potential of loosing this sale, this leaves me with:


1x 20vt engine. Already fitted with forged rods/pistons.

1x02m gearbox with:

And one massive FMIC:

Now, the original reason for the Cupra being broken, was it was a potential Race car, however, the funds needed to complete it, for it only to be able to compete for 2 years made it unfinancially viable. So it got broken for spares. The turbo failed and emptied its ball bearings into the sump, so I need a new turbo too. I'm looking at buying a GT3071r, and not running it at full chat like the 2871r was.

Objectives of the build.
I want to make it an Ultimate daily driver, so this means.
I want fully functioning engine mounts, none of the solid stuff that I used to use/Ktec stuff that gives horrid vibrations.
I want Air con to be fully functioning
Power steering
I'd like, to some how work it so that I can retain Cruise control aswell, this may mean Piggybackinng the 2 oem ecu's together, and doing like that.
Other plans, include making a steel version of the massive aluminium engine mount, but to reduce its depth so that cambelt services are not an engine out job. Potentially modifying the sump to go around the subframe instead of the other way round.

I plan to pick up a shell from someone on here fairly soon, to do a dry build, so it can be basically bolt in.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Drives so nicely now on the RS2 and 197 cams that it almost seems a shame to swap the engine out, but boost is the way forward, N/A tuning these engines is a very limited route to be going down.

Speaking of how its driving, we've made a few more tweaks to the map while Ive been away this week, will see you at the weekend to upload it and test I expect.
(so frustrating not having an emulator for live mapping these particular ECU's, its a really cumbersome process hence I normally refuse to get involved on the standard ECU when people ask me to do it! I should really get one sorted but TBH I just dont get involved enough with clios on standard management normally to be an issue, at least once you have the turbo motor in it will be on aftermarket and we can just map it properly!)
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1

I will be breaking my silver phase1 soon if the engine bay is any good to you? Although that said it will be up at mike's so might be a bit awkward logistically for getting it back to yours etc and getting rid of half a shell from his.
Unless you have space for me and the mrs to break it at your place instead and then the shell can just stay with you?
I think Russ is supplying me with a shell mate, thanks anyway! but yes, I'll see you this weekend at some point anyway!

It does drive really nicely with the RS2 and 197 combo, but like you said Boost is the way forward. Although I do have someone telling me its not necessary lol.

Oh And I have Just Paid for some Bilsteins.
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Got the car back today from M+D Auto refinishers in Walton, from having the front corner repaired.


Its not the blend line you can see on the bumper, but where its been cleaned off to do the paint and the rest is still dirty. All in all its a Very good job, and was turned around in under 24 hours.

Just the wheel refurb to go and a couple of dings to get removed and shes mint again :)


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Look forward to this one. Sounds like a great plan, love the fact you're going for the ultimate daily driver and will work around obstacles to get the luxuries you want.
What are the weight of the vag 20vt and 6 speed boxes like compared so the f4r and box?
Was discussing this with chip earlier. I believe the vag setup with its turbo etc will be around 30-40kg heavier. However it will be around the 350-400 mark, so that extra weight won't make any difference.


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  E55 AMG
Will be an awesome project, would've loved the the diff'd box! Lol

I may need a wing and a headlight off you too when I pop down mate, if you still have them of course.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Scrooge, I see him often if you need anything bringing up as im still up near london at least a few days a week at the moment.
Well, Busy weekend bith with customer's and my own car..

My car consisted of:
Bilsteins being fitted and set to this height at the moment:


Then, Today I went in and turned off all the airbags that have been removed via CLiP



No more lights :)

Still waiting for the Rear ARB to turn up, and then it'll be going to bridgwater college for corner weighting.
Well, Rear ARB has arrived.



Certainly helps with the initial turn in, its a bit too wet/cold/busy to go arsing around the industrial estate, so I'll wait until Im on my way home from work when its dry before exploring it.
Sorry it's a really bad angle, I see what your saying. Vertically they are dead straight.. They are at an angle toward the front of the car as I moved it to the hardest possible setting.

It doesn't get to catch anything as they are within the wheel circumference. I will try and get a better angle demonstrating the angles of the links. IMO I would like shorter drop links, to raise it towards the shocks.
yeh, the fuelling is slightly out mid range, it made peak torque at a little under 7000rpm! Back over to chip this weekend to do some more data logging and see what we can gain. Made the power at the limiter too.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
You can see even on the RS tuner graph that there is that pointless little hump either side of 5k where the standard inlet outperforms the rs2 to give a better peak figure briefly.


Personally I would happily sacrifice half a dozen lbft for a few hundred rpm in the middle like that for the frankly ridiculous gains at the top end!

So while Im sure we can get a little bit more out of yours torque wise, and possibly even squeeze those last few BHP to hit the magical 200 as well, I still think with the torque arriving so late its never going to be as high a peak figure as the one you get on the standard inlet manifold and cams where they have that little narrow sweetspot at just over 5k where they work great briefly and then give up. There is no point comparing the peak torque figure alone when the delivery is so different. Especially against Emma's freaky cup which probably had you beat by 10lbft before you even started, lol

Not sure if I have any free time this weekend or not yet though mate, it might have to be the one after now instead or possible even the one after that, sorry about that but I did warn you that I was only going to be able to do the odd bit here and there and it would take ages when I agreed to map it in the first place so you will just have to be patient :p