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The TJM Project


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To understand the point of this long term project it will be worth reading my other post "Having a go - the consequence" in Track Days and Good Driving Roads.

My Son was tragically killed last year and his car which he only owned a few months, is being maintained and used in his memory.

The plan is to get the car into as good a condition as it is possible, keeping to the standard spec. and using OEM as far as possible.

The car has covered 120K miles! more details later but many have requested some pictures so here goes with the first few......




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That is immaculate! Will be keeping an eye on this. Sorry to hear about your loss, hopefully will make a lot of people think. Hard to think about, as I'm a 1988 baby too, and also lost two good friends last year in an accident.

Good luck with the project....not that it looks like it needs much anyway!



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Sorry to hear of you loss. This seems such a lovely idea! All the best!

Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

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sorry to hear your loss :(,

find it very special that you are keeping the car in memory of him!, its MINT condition and i am dam sure you will keep it that way.

love the sticker, very nice touch

credit to you my friend !

dont know what to say now...
Very sorry for your loss. your son obviously took a great deal of pride in his car, its very rare to see a 120k clio in such immaculate condition!
i will be following this thread closely
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You'd never know that was on 120k miles. Credit to you and your son! Look at that steering wheel, most of them are severely melted by about 60k lol.
Stunning car mate, sorry to here such a terrible thing I lost a friend in a car accident its horrible. Definitely makes you think twice about driving dangerously or aggressively.

All credit to you and you're son, the car is great.


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A bit of background on this project, the car was originally purchased by my Son, quite cheaply but althought it was kept well maintained by the orginal owner with dealership FSH, it did now require a bit of work.
Unfortunately Tim did not have time to do much to it in the few winter months he owned it, and of course this was all a bit sudden - you really do not know what is coming around the corner.
The car stood on our driveway for sometime but when I was susequently able to check the car myself - my first encounter with a French car - it wouldn't start! The dreded immobiliser problem, this was eventually sorted by a friendly local car electrical engineer and turned out to be a low feed voltage on the ECU - think this is a regular problem.
The car was back and at last I could start and run it and get it on the road although it did have the emissions light on, it did seem to be running realy well.
I know someone commented on the steering wheel, but really the original wheel was not an exception, the wheel had chronic melting and was the first thing I replaced albeit with another s/h one but in good condition, I managed to fit this myself without any drama.

Next problem was the emissions light, I fitted a new pair of Bosch lambda sensors myself although one was well and truely siezed in, it proved quite a difficult driveway job, but a butane torch eventually got it freed, I had already got a ELM interface coupled up to my laptop so was able to clear the code.
Incidentally, I tried a few different softwares with this but found most I tried poorly designed and some just didn't work properly, anyway a couple were good enough for 'lights out', and one good enough for a bit of real-time data logging too so I could get to understand how the sensors and contol worked for future reference - quite interesting.

There was much more to do but on the plus side, being retired, had plenty of time on my hands, my ideas and my sons ideas would probably have gone in completely different directions so there was much soul searching, in the end I had to go with my own thinking to keep it standard and go for longevity.
At this time I got the personalised registration done with his and my initials and although we have a daily runabout, it could be something my wife and I can drive out occasionally with great pride and so it is.

As I have been rambling, I will continue this thread with what else was done last year at later time and hopefully get up to date.

Just to mention that today I did the seat leather with Gliptone cleaner and conditioner, the inside smells a bit like a tack room (saddles and all that), actually there is not much leather in the seats at all, but the real bits do match up pretty well to the plastic leather effect remainder.

Did get some pictures of the 'engine room', its bog standard although did recently fit a Bosch S5 h/d battery and this really does throw the engine over, there are still a few cosmetic things to be done in there.
More later......
Thanks for taking the trouble to read my ramblings and the previous comments from veryone are appreicated, regards Col.



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What exhaust is on there? Looks a snug fitment.

A Scorpian RS192 was fitted earllier this year & new mounts, does not fit quite as I would want it - it's a few mm off centre, real sod to get 100% and I'm real fussy, OCD?
The original Renault boxes were welded/repaired and missing the centre section, and holding a gallon of water when removed!!
It is louder than the standard boxes (minus centre box) the low rumble sounds impressive but I was hoping it would be a bit quieter - may or may not go back to original spec one day, but probably will be deaf by then...ha.
Beautiful example :) I really like how people hold on to things most cherished by lost ones. And how for example people keep everything the way it was once they departed. All the best with this.



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  Many Things
Sorry to hear about your loss but think its fantastic you're keeping his car in memory, I'd hope my parents would do the same.

I think the car looks lovely as it is and makes you really appreciate how nice the standard examples are when kept immaculate


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Just to bring this project up-to-date with the work so far.....

S/h Steering wheel in good condition unlike original
2 x new bosch Lambda O2 sensors (EML light problem)
2 x new brake disks and pads orig. renault.
Renault RS carpet set with silver trim - looks and fits nice - keeping the original carpets on top of these for now.
I new original anthracite wheel, replacing curbed wheel which now is the spare and rides in boot.
2 new Michelin Pilot Sport 3 205/45/16 87W on front.
Headlight washer pump replaced.
Climate control sensor replaced.
New cambelt/aux.belts and dephaser pully and a few other minor jobs at BTM performance (thanks Fred)
Service items - NGK spark plugs, pollen filter and Air filter fitted.

New RS192 exhaust fitted (cat back) and new mounts.
Front and back Renault wiper blades fitted.
2 x Inner/outer trackrod and tierods fitted.
New front o/s Renault 'option cup pack' spring fitted (MOT fail)
New Bosch 063 S5 battery fitted.

Quite an expenditure for my first year! and that is excluding quite a few incidental purchases.

Most of the work I did myself - except the cam belt change, spring, track rod and exhaust fitment.

Renault Tune Point Audio Connection unit fitted, this enables me to use a USB stick instead of an CD autochanger, much more flexible, the Tune point fitted underneath and not actually in the glove box, so this didn't involve any drilling/cutting- the 'box' being held in place with double-sided adhesive like that used for number plates.
There is just enough room, I do not need IPod connectivity - I don't think that would be so convenient, but for me a miniature 4GB USB memory stick is right out of the way - it protrudes only a few mm from the front of the box and not easily visible.


The Tune Point allows 100 tracks per CD# which translates to folders on the mem. stick, and up to 10 CD# e.g. CD#1; CD#2; can be displayed - giving 1000 tracks but apparently it can use up to 100 CD# but the display can cope with the numbers effectively.
The stalk controls the track selection as per normal.

Next, the 'to do' list

It does get used occasionally....

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Good update, progress sounds good, a lot has been done by the sounds of it.

Do you mind me asking how much you paid for the inner track rods to be replaced? or did you do it yourself?
  K4M ph2
Great project, sorry to hear about your loss but i can guaruntee your son would be proud to know youve kept this stunning example at its best, really admire what you are doing. p.s just bought one of them tiny memory sticks, cracking idea, ive broken 2 normal ones by wacking them.


ClioSport Club Member

Sorry can't be of much help regarding trackrods etc., this job was done by my Sons ex-employers so can't divulge and I guess it wouldn't relate to the real world, I think that you do need a specialist tool to get the tie rods off - the ends were seized on too, so it was quite a pain.

Agree about the USB stick - can't believe how they get 4GB memory in that 3mm nodule! - on the downside - not easy to pull out!

Forgot to mention in the above post regarding the Tune Point - it is used in with original Cabasse head unit.

Cheers - Col
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Horrible news about your son, I am sorry to hear of your loss. Very moving to hear that you're keeping a hold of his car, and what an absolutely stunning example it is aswell!

Those memory sticks really are the future - my dad currently has an Ibiza estate courtesy car with a USB port in it which he's been plugging a stick into, with the display/steering controls being used no problem at all to cycle through the tracks.

Will be keeping an eye on this anyway to see how it turns out, can't believe the mileage, and the condition it's in for it!
  Clio RS
sorry to hear about your son.

my car has a bit of the same story. the guy I bought it from, kept it as a memory to his brother, the original owner of the car, who also had died. he couldn't sell it but after more than a year, he decided to sell it anyhow, to me. I had to promiss to take good care of it, his mother was crying when I drove away. still think about it a lot. just comes to show that a car is sometimes more than just of piece of tin on 4 wheels.

good luck with the project


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A summer update - now we have one....

The project has been on the back-burner most of June/July due not only to the bad weather but also because I am having to attend to my Sons other car, which is in a much much worse state and requiring a lot of attention to the bodywork.

However I have finally managed to sort out the front jacking points which had at some time been abused and had started to corrode, one being nearly flat against the underside, this really has been bugging me.


Both sides were badly bent and oxide, I managed to straighten them up by applying pressure with a trolley jack laying on it's side against a wall with a length of wood as a prop, a bit 'Heath Robinson' and it took ages but a bit more controllable than bashing, then treated them with Kurerust, etch primer, J41 and a topcoat of clear Waxoyl, the whole undersill area was treated with the wax before replacing the skirts, job done me thinks.


Hopefully these jacking points will NOT be used again!

I had a couple of micro 'dings' taken out by a local guy, one on the n/s door and another just below the n/s rear side window, they were hardly anything but what marvellous skills these guys have - not even a trace of where they were now.

Meanwhile have been collecting a few useful parts; yet another steering wheel - this one in really excellent condition but not fitted yet (fear of melting away!?), and another road wheel to replace the 'spare' which has some bad curbing - will get a tyre on that shortly.

Another useful purchase was a 'Custom Car' tailored cover ready for the Winter months, I have no garage facilities so this will be better than nothing - oh -and cover from them dam pidgeon messages, I guess the car will not be used much over the winter months.

There are still a few things on the 'to do' list but the other car is taking up my free time at the moment, however it still gets the weekly wash, wax and clean down to OCD level.

It's possible that I will take 'TJM' down to the CSS, would be good to meet some enthusiasts and see and talk cars, I may have a problem convincing the wife for such a day though.

(sorry, Not sure how that thumbnail got there but can't seem to delete it)


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One of my monthy updates.

Still not had much time to spend on the Clioin the last few weeks apart from cleaning, not even had chance to drive it much.

A bit of underbody cleaning under rear arches, put a bit of clear Wayoyl where cars always rust first as a precaution, another gear knob insert as original one was very worn, not the 'exact' replacement like I wanted - but it still looks better than it was and will do till I get the proper silver 182 one.

I also made what I think is a pleasing addition very recently.


It's an engraved Richbrook holder, (as if you didn't know), I was quite pleased that the blue anodised colour turned out similar to J46.
Cost: £270 including a years road rent!

Still on the to-do list before the cold weather set in, and I might add that the rain has really p****d me off this year, is replacing the front scuttle (broken clip) and new w/w washer pump - which I'll do at the same time, a new PS3 for the spare wheel - incidentaly these have come down in price a little since I bought the last pair.
And I still have the rear disks and pads to fit, have had these for about a year now, so must get on with that job.

It is really difficult getting decent replacement parts apart from buying new from Renault, the s/h market for parts is a nightmare, everyone has there own understanding of what 'perfect' or 'excellent' means, this always falls below my interpretation of the words, this particularily true with 'breakers' - "it is a used part mate", yeh but you said it was .......

And so the task goes on, but very slowly.

Thanks for taking the time to read
loving this buddy! your son would be proud im sure. you would never think the car had done the miles it has done keep it up!
  Cup In bits
Glad to hear you kept his car in memory, my friend recently passed as well and his parents had the same idea, he loved his cars.

"It is really difficult getting decent replacement parts apart from buying new from Renault, the s/h market for parts is a nightmare, everyone has there own understanding of what 'perfect' or 'excellent' means, this always falls below my interpretation of the words, this particularily true with 'breakers' - "it is a used part mate", yeh but you said it was ......."

I hear you on this one, everyone's perfect seems to be different whether their a buyer or a seller. Im completely honest when selling....It happens a lot on hear aswell, guys looking for more than new for 2nd hand parts and completely delusional & uneducated as to condition. Boils my p**s!!!

Wish you luck with your project!


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Thanks for the comments guys.

Interestingly, by chance I met the previous owner of the car today (previous to my Son, that is) and was an interesting chat, although not an intense discussion about the car, but he obviously loved and cared for the car for the years he owned it and no doubt how it's condition was preserved so well.

I am perhaps a little obsessed with keeping it in good order, not sure if this would have been the case if my Son was still around and he still was driving it, probably would have been treated as it was intended to be treated!

At my age I don't have the 'need for speed' (or other urges!) anymore and with what happened - has only enforced this, I still enjoy cars though and I do remember when I was young (and foolish) unlike a lot of other old foggies!
The condition of the car and more importantly the motivation behind this project is awe inspiring, a true credit to yourself. Although I'm not familiar with the details and sadly can't access the original thread I think I speak for a lot of car enthusiasts when I say that this seems a very fitting memorial - I'm touched by both the uniqueness and "living" aspect of this memorial.

I've no doubt you'll keep up the excellent work, but I for one hope that you continue to update us on your progress!
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An update.

I have continued to try and improve and maintain the car, athough I have only covered a handful of miles through the summer, it continues to be a money pit, unfortunately, I still have not had a lot of time for the Clio as I have been putting a lot of work (&money) into the other car but still found a few things to do.

A serious problem I had in the summer? was very soggy carpets, I set about removing the seats, and various bits of trim to get the carpet and the undelay foam out, and finding out where the leak was coming in. It was obvious that the scuttle was the first place to look and sure enough, after filling the scuttle with water using a hose pipe, could see that the center drain was blocked, water accumulating and gradually leaked in aroud about where the a/c fitments are - cluch/brake/centre console area, the scuttle center drain was completely blocked at the pipe outlet at the bulhead behind the center of the engine, it was an easy cure.

With this sorted and another hosepipe test everything looked OK - it did take five days hot sunny to dry out the foam completely but it gave an opportunity to give the floor pan a good clean and tidy, now with everything back together, after plenty or rain and washing - the carpets have remained dry so job done.

Another thing has bugged me for a while was a worn gear knob insert - the lettering had dissappeared and was rather ugly looking, I found and fitted a new gear knob replacement which looks like the original, not easy to find, this was not OEM (expensive option) but looks OK and is how it should look so I'm fairly but not completely contented with the replacement.

Last month I persuaded the wife to drive the car, but after 300 metres and there was a loud clattering and a bit of a n/s front spring was left at the roadside, yet another expense, new replacement spring £80+. The other spring had already been replaced a few miles previously, not the wifes fault, although it's funny how these things happen....

One of my outlays has been a car cover, an expensive fitted 'clio' multi-layer one - this is going on the car over the winter months, the Clio will be used even less if at all then.

Here's some piccies of the various adventures......

Nearly naked.


The Poky Bit.

About halfway down the centre of the bulhead behind the engine, this hole in the sound deadening, stick you finger in there and find the little rubbery flappy bit, it's this that gets clogged, some say to pull the flap off altogether.



The carpets are easy to dry out, but NOT SO for the foam sponge whch funnily enough soaks up water like a sponge.


The Nob End!



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Covered up for the winter, got this cover last year, tailored for a MkII, it fits nice and snug.


An then some snow........



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Much respect for the project Colin.

I've only just read this and your other thread and I'm sorry about your loss.

Car looks in great condition for 120k! Nice to see a project that isn't about bolting all nice fancy parts but getting it up to spec as it should be and have a a real purpose behind the project. Keep it up :)

  Clio MK2
Very sorry for your loss. Its touching to see what you've done with the car and the way you've kept it.

Outstanding job.