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The 'What MPG Do You Get?' Thread

  03 Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique
Hi Guys,

Decided on starting this thread as I want to know compared to others how economical, or un-eco as it may be, my Dyna is.
Got a 2003 1.6 Dynamique 3 door. Trip tells me 40.9 mpg average atm, has been 42 at best the other week, but 38 I would say is my stone average roughly. I don't drive it hard either, quite hard, but mainly dual carriageway stuff so can be sitting at high speeds rather than thrasing 1st, 2nd and 3rd out.

End up filling up around £35 every 4 days, but thats partly cause I work 22 or so miles away :(

How does yours compare? :approve:
Whats your average, best and how often you fill up?


mine at the mo says 27.5 mpg on a 1.2 16v 2002 clio.

If i dont take it above 3000rpm then i can get 39/42 mpg,


  S5 Sportback
mine is on 29mpg at present. 182

normally get between 30 - 34 dependent on nature of driving over the tankful.
  Mito Sportiva 135
Ive got a mk2 172, says I get about 37 mpg as do lots of cruising on the motorway which is pretty good, just quite rubbish during urban driving.
  BMW F31
well my norm is around 38/39 but at the moment its saying 43.8??? dont believe it though tbh. when i filled up the other day and tripped it the "fuel left" part was going mad jumping from 800 miles down to 380 miles and then finally it settled down, crazy computer!
  Focus RS
Mine is always on the 31/32 mark, with the occasional blast here and there.

Puttin in about 25 quid a week which is mostly used at the weekend
Ph1 172... just been out and checked my average is currently 38.2mpg.

on a 300 mile round trip recently i achieved 48.7mpg for the whole journey :approve:
37mpg in my 182, dont commute in in though use the Cooper S for that, the 182 is mainly driven at the weekends on b road hence the high mpg.
Benson03 said:
03 plate 1.2 16v dynamique. Ave MPG is 35, put about £55 of juice in a week!

do you do alot of motorway driving at what petrol do you put in?????????? hoiw many time do you fill up?
  A Fcukin Car
MOFO said:
do you do alot of motorway driving at what petrol do you put in?????????? hoiw many time do you fill up?

No don't really do any motorway at all, its all local-ish driving, fill up prob twice a wk and put normal un-leaded in.


  ST on the way...
38 is my average too mate.

I've had 40 but it doesn't stay long at that, usually drops down a bit.

Mines a 1.6 16v too BTW.


ClioSport Club Member
  RB182, 987, Lupo Gti
My car is that crap it doesnt even tell me!

Ill work it out when I next fill up.
  Lux'd Glacier White R26
Motorway back and forth from work - 40+ mpg with blast at nights, and weekends bringing it down to 38mpg over the whole tank.

182 - £38 to fill, was around £44 when the fuel prices were up!

  Citroen DS3 DSport
With climate control left on auto I usually get 34mpg and after turning the climate control off I'm averaging 40mpg during a mixture of town and motorway miles.
  Recaro + Cupped 182
managed 45mpg when stuck behind grand dad grey on the way back from bournemouth doing 40 in 5th for 10-15 miles


ClioSport Club Member
  VRS 230 & Ep3
id say average of 30mpg. probs 25 when tw@ttin it round the b roads. 35 on the motorway. well impresseed with it. 30mpg and its faster off the mark (or at least feels it) and more fun than my e36 328i sport coupe which did around 20-25mpg :( HARSH
  Scirocco GT 210
On a recent 300 mile round trip, I averaged 42mpg.

Mostly involved driving at 85-95mph on the motorway and sitting in a couple of traffic jams.
  LY 200
My puppies getting 34.6 at the moment.

Maybe something due to me only filling with shell optimax/v-power now though.

Always filled with super of some kind whether it be Tesco's own 99 or Ultima but i used to get around 32 whilst using these fuels.
  BMW M135i
Usually around ~40 or so, had some fun on saturday and got it down to 35 though and it still hasn't recovered.
  F/F Titanium 182
I get a pretty consistant 35mpg on the 182, i have the climate on almost all the time, and i'm using V-power
When i had my 1.2 16v Dynamique i used to get around 36-40....40+ motorway.

182 i get 28-36....36+ motorway.
  Clio 172 mk2
I've had 45/46 on the motorway in my 172 which I thought was okay....that's doing a steady 75/80
  '52 clio 1.2 16V
just worked out my last tank did 42mpg. not bad & just allows me to fill up once per week.

anyone know which models of the 1.2 wer fitted with a trip computer?

I've got a 1.2 EXPRESSION+ 16V & unless i'm blind (which is possible) mine hasn't