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Thin windscreens on 172 cup

Has anyone broke their screen who drives a cup. Mine has cracked after just 1 month. Is this due to the so called thinner glass or is it just bad luck. If anyone has changed their screen could you please let me know what you had fitted.

The windscreen on a Clio Cup is a normal screen of a standard Clio (non solar). Its only the windows in the doors that are thinner enabling Renault to put smaller lighter electric window motors in.


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IIRC the front screen on the cup is different, it doesnt have the heat reflective noise reflective part to it.
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.......why didnt they just fit manual windows to the cup???? Peugeot RALLE style
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this is they year 2002!!! I cant imagine reno would pur thin windscreens in? Bit dangerous!


"....why didnt they just fit manual windows to the cup???? Peugeot RALLE style"

Renault said all clios have electrics now so making manuals would cost too much. Is this true...are they all electric?
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Nope theyre not all electric according to my manual

No. They played with the formula for Glass and discovered they could make it lighter, without making it thinner. Those Renault guys are just too good... :p

Maybe its sugar glass (the fake glass that they break over stunt men in movies) ? Thats lighter isnt it?