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Think my cat may have gone!

  mk2 clio campus sport
Last week car was shaking and wouldn't reach above 20mph, found out it was my coil pack, fitted a new one and all seemed fine. I have since realised that there is a rattling coming from underneath car, checked and can't see anything loose. Is this is broken cat??
If so how much is a new cat for a renault clio 06- 1.2- 16v?
Is it possible to fit it yourself?
Also final question is a performance cat any cheaper or expensive?

Thank you everyone
  Clio1.2, C2 VTR, 1.9 MJet
my cat cost 120 fitted at local garage, however its come loose about 3 times, failed on mot, put a new one on under warranty and passed fine, need new engine mounts, keeps knocking it off, and i get petrol smell thru heaters
It could be anything in the exhaust system, not just the cat. Take it to a garage and get it looked at.


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
Stick some milk out, sure it'll return. On a serious note, check the heat shield nr the back box, the clips fall off.