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Thinking About Buying a New 172...

Hi All,

Just stumbled accross your web site, very nice it is too...

Im thinking about trading in my 3 year old 1.7 Puma for something new, and Im seriously considering a new 172 Sport. I know everyone is a little biast here, but how much of a step up is a new 172 Sport from a standard 1.7 Puma ?

Also, Ive been looking at the car supermarkets and it looks like I can pick up a brand new 172 Sport for around £11,500 - £12,500. Thats about what, £3000 less than what Renault are asking? Has anyone purchased their car from such places, any problems etc - this place for example

Any help/advice welcome...


There have been some problems with the imports but as far as i know as long as its EU based you shouldnt have a problem. You have to make sure it has the 3 year warranty or apply for it though (for free).

Anyway, the Puma, great car, bit girly but nice. I believe the Clio isnt immensly superior in terms on handling enjoyment but it overall it is better, so dont worry about losing out. The engine is a different league, throttle response is awesome and it beats a puma hands down in every aspect, from rest, mid range, top end, no problem! Bad points are pretty obvious, its french after all but as long as youre keen you should be alright. There seems to be a 172 exhaust problem (centre piece). Thats the general outlay, im sure 172 owners can add to that in detail.

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Hi Joe,

I bought mine new from Trade Sales in Slough. Expect Zero service from them but then your dealings with them are limited to just buying the car, then its renos responsibility can expect zero service from Reno, too.

As for import related problems....problems with the car are not down to how it was sourced, but down to how the factory made it. Some people have been lucky, some have not - where you buy it from is irrelevant, so make the saving, get an import then pray that its OK and that your reno dealer doesnt go all snooty knickers when you tell him its an import.

I echo Robs comments and do make sure it is an EU-sourced car to ensure that has the same kit/features as a UK/dealer sourced car.

Good luck!



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Ye the good old 4k rattle, expect to have to get that fixed under warranty. Performance wise I think the 172 would be a nice step up for you.

Rattle wise I havent really had any, occasionally when its really cold I will get an almost unoticable rattle from the dash, but only for 2 minutes until the car heats up (guess the plastic shrinks a bit when cold causing the rattle)

Yes we could be a little biast but apart from the performance side of the car you also get..

Climate Control (with aircon)
Xenon Headlights
Auto sensing headlights
16" Alloy Wheels
Disk brakes all round (which IMHO are the best on any car I have ever owned)
Rain sensing wipers
Trip Computer
Single CD stereo with a 6 CD changer under the seat
Electric front windows with drivers one touch facility
Electric Mirrors
Heated Mirros
Heat Reflective, Sound reducing front windscreen
4 Airbags, 2 front and 2 side
Half Leather/Half Alcantara seats (which IMHO are lurvley)
Good 30 MPG+ (unless you hammer it everywhere, which is very tempting)
Traction Control (on the new models)

It goes on but you get the general idea. I looked at others such as the mini cooper s, but that was cack.. hated the look of it..
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and a one touch passenger facility on the passenger window. Well mine has, anyway!

Proper alloy wheel as a spare, too



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erm, mine doesnt have the one touch on the passenger side.. maybe they added that with later mark 2s (as with traction control)


The EU sourcing of an import is very important. Dont trust what the seller tells you as if its from outside you will not get the 3 year warranty - see the docs for yourself. There are more and more imports on sale from outside the EU - such as Cyprus. Try a few Renault dealers too and see what price you get from them. The UK cars have Thatcham cat 2 imobiliser, Cat 1 alarm, chassis number etching and locking wheel nuts. Try also autobytel etc.
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Joe172-I traded in my 1.7 puma for the clio too :D

The clio is much faster, less girly and gets more admiring glances but on the downside the puma is a lot better made (no rattles)!


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Quote: Originally posted by JillyB on 10 March 2003

less girly and gets more admiring glances
never ever heard a girl say that about her own car before..
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must admit, the Clio gets more admiring looks and nice comments than I thought it was going to get. Cheers big up to the styling.

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well, Ill check mine tonight. Im almost certain the pass is one touch, two. But i have been known to get the minor details wrong...


Quote: Originally posted by JillyB on 10 March 2003

The clio is much faster, less girly...
Im getting more and more paranoid about these girly comments about my car. Think its time to move on...:)

I had a puma for a wee while, but it had problems so gave it back, I decided to go for the 172 import, and after 10 months I am still smiling when I drive it, unlike the puma. I still have a soft spot for the puma, but I think the 172 is more of a car, and you can be sure the 172 will stop for u!

fukcing pumas i had this c**k boy blocking ever overtaking move i made on a motorway in his slow girls car, what a lamer, he had to resort to blocking cus his car was vastly inferior, if i had a sh*t car i would of rammed the little sh*t.
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anyway, about the passenger window - my passenger window is one touch, using either the switch on my door or the passengers.


Maybe as yours is an import, they did the electrics before deciding it was going to be RHD. Mine is just drivers side.

The 172 has a manufacturing defect which Renault France are fully aware of but have no fix for.....The top suspension mount is hitting the bodywork and so as a temporary repair to resolve Renault dealer has been told by Renault France to put a rubber spacer between the top mount and the bodywork to stop the clonking and damage. Well after three weeks of the dealer having my car and arguments with Renault and them saying it does not have the problem anymore - it still does and its worse!!! Renaults letter to me stated that there are noises heard by customers - well not when you feel whats happening through the steering wheel and the steering feels loose. Its not just my car as I took the service managers car out and his does the same. Renault have been aware of this problem for longer than 6 months so before the car came out - personally I would advise you not to buy one of these and go for something else. Renault HQ are completely unhelpful and will not help me as a customer - there customer service is disgusting. Now the car handles very differently now and so is not the car as advertised/sold.

Almost every car made has a defect similar to this, one which is hidden by the manufacturer, its not a Renault only thing. Although its not acceptable i dont think it should be a sole reason not to get the car. Maybe its worth doing something as a club to try and make Renault do something about this problem.

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so, thats what that slight clonk is when I turn right into the office car park? Thats all I hear - nothing feels wrong as such (steering feels ok, rack feels ok)...just get the clonk.


Just need to get it on Top Gear or watchdog that usually makes manufacturers act the recent Golf coil(?) problem.

My 1.2 does the same.

How can we get on Top Gear though? I think a letter from ClioSport would suffice with maybe a petition or something.

Its not a slight clonk like you get in the car park. Its bloody loud and continuous and what gets me is the complete disinterest from Renault as I am a small fish. I have worked for Vauxhall and Hyundai and have been in the motor trade for 11 years so I know that different manufacturers have different problems and that it is not confined to mine. This noise is getting worse and worse and does it in a straight line and also when reversing so its not slight by any means. I agree that maybe a group effort would be a good idea as me on my own is not having any effect. I have written to Watchdog previously before I knew it was a manufacturing fault - and they had too many other issues to deal with. I am going to write to SMMT and Trading Standards who have both said that they will write to Renault to find out what is going on, but Top Gear may be a good idea!! Any help from you guys would be appreciated......I will email Watchdog again to bring them up to date and ask if they can help? It may even be a chassis problem because this and the suspension has been changed for the cup172. Cheers L
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AutoExpress has a consumer problem page - might be worth mailing them instead of TopGear (TG will be less interested I think, but AutoExpress like a ruck).