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Thinking about upgrading to 172 / 182, sales / buying advice needed.

  1.2 16v 2005
Hi All.

I've been driving my 2005 1.2 16v for 5 years now (owned from new) and I feel it's time to trade up to a 172 / 182 / trophy if I'm lucky. I haven't even tried to sell the car just yet but I'm gearing up to do things this month.

I could do with some help re pricing really as I have no idea what to expect in terms of a selling price.

My current Clio is a 1 owner 2005 1.2 16v Expression with 78k on the clock. Mint cond inside and out. It has full history (loads of receipts), new tyres, brakes, track rod ends, belts etc. I'd like £3000 for it; but is this unreasonable?

(I could also do with help re buying)

That would leave me with £3500 - 4500 to play with for a RenaultSport Clio. So... what can I expect for my money? I'd be wanting a clean car with low miles and unmolested - e.g no mods. what should I be looking out for when I buy used? Is it pretty much the same niggling faults that you get in all Clio's or are there special 172/ 182 faults?

I'm trying to work out how to submit photo attachments - (any help?) if I can get that down I'll post up some pics to show condition.

Any hints and tips would be great.
  Arctic 182 & PB 172
Dude...all sounds good. If you could manage to maybe raise a further 1000 - 1500 onto of that figure then you could get hold of a lovely example. Just my tuppence.