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Thinking of Carbon Fibre Vinyl wrap on my 182's roof?

Hi folks, one of my first posts so please be gentle.

When I bought my 182 I was aware of some paint damage to the roof but its only a small area and not too noticable. However I've come to learn I'm a bit of a perfectionist and it's getting on my nerves.

As a temporary fix until I can get the funds together to get the roof re-sprayed I was considering getting a friend who does vinyl wrapping to wrap it in carbon fibre, to protect the already damaged paint underneath but also to hide the damage. If it looks good however, I may not even have to spray the roof at all!!

Car is silver BTW with the anthracite wheels so I think it would match up with them? Plus it has a CF front splitter.



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Black will be worse, matt or gloss. matt scratches way too easily and gloss you will get swirls if you are not careful with washing and you obviously cant polish them out.
The carbon will work out ok to be fair, its not as if the roof takes much abuse. Just a tip but your friend will know if he does it for a living, make sure the front of the vinyl is tucked underneath the rubber strip at the windscreen otherwise it will start to lift.
Thanks for the replies so far. Barker I will let him know however most of his vinyl wrapping at Amari Supercars and BMW is interior although he has done a few external jobs including his own car.


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IMO I think it will look good, carbon and silver always work good!