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This worth it?

  Nothing at the mo :(
I4DUFDCI4D Uber 'Orange' Ultra Fine Detailing Clay Bar1£6.04

DJBS500Dodo Juice 'Born Slippy' Clay Lube 500ml1£6.04

M3Tropi-care TC-M3 Waffle Weave Drying Towel XXL1£7.78

WTropi-care Crystal White Carnauba Creme1£8.65

UBERDETI4D Uber Premium Detailing Towel1£4.30

LKCCS4BKLake Country CCS Black 4" Buffing Pad1£4.30

-£2.77 Subtotal£34.34 Shipping (Parcelforce Express 48)£5.17VAT£5.94Total£45.45
  Bumder With A Buffer
I dont like the waffle weave drying towels. Kinda work like a Chamois in that they have to be wet to work effectively.
Born slippy is too pricey. Get Megs last touch no:16

Waffle weave drying towels I don't like either. Prefer the Uber Drying towel for a couple of quid more.

The crystal stuff I don't know about. But presume it's either a wax or a sealent. Not my choice, would go for Chem Guys Blitz Sealent.

What are you using a buffing pad for?
  Megane R26
Born Slippy isn't that much more pricey - the £13 500ml concentrate makes 5.5L of lube, where as Last Touch makes 7.6L for £19...
That price has defo come down as I looked at it however many months ago and made the decision to stick with Megs 16.
  120d M Sport
Born slippy is a top product...Seemed to get a lot less marring this time around claying than with the Megs Quik Clay kit before