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Took a scooby WRX out for a test drive

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Now this is not going to make the Scooby drivers happy but I took the WRX (225bhp) out not the STi (260bhp) and I wasnt overly ipressed by acceleration in the standard form, what are these liked chipped ?

Loved the Burble of teh flat 4 engine and the looks but the power wasnt what I expected.

Is the STi a major improvement as teh garage did has an STi with a prodrive body quick on but I didnt even bother ?

What can the WRX be chipped to safely ?

I also found the engine stopped pulling about 6.5k even thought the redline was around 7.5k.

I was thinking of getting rid of the Clio as the misses wanted a five door and I wanted a sports car but I can honestly say I am keeping the clio for now anyway.


Subaru UK do the Prodrive performance pack for the WRX, putting it from 215bhp to approx 245-250bhp for 1600 quid.
This includes new exhaust and b/box, ecu upgrade and intercooler piping.
Now with a few more minor mods you can get this upto around 280bhp
As for the STi7 type UK.... it is seriously better than the WRX but suffers due to the fact that as per the WRX the exhaust is restrictive (thus the reason it feels dead towards the redline).
The STi has better running gear (suretrac diffs front and rear that pull you round those corners ) and the 6speed box is much better than the 5 speed box given to the WRX.
Brakes are one of the best that you can get, even outpacing the latest Porsche turbos at stopping power (tested by some german magazine) but discs and pads are expensive (pads are 240 quid for a pair!)
Basically, given the money the STi is better value and with a PPP coming out for it soon (over 300bhp!) it should be more entertaining and resolve the lack of grunt below 4k. (but insurance will be 50% more expensive to start with )

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Cheers m8 for the little run down, also sounds like the guy didnt know what he was talking about cause when I spoke to him he said the Pro Drive kit was just body work, suspension and no engine mods.

I do like the scooby but as I said power was down. I might reconsider in a years time though cause I can import a WRX for 16k so it makes an interesting alternative.

The new scoobys are nowhere as aggresive and fun as the old ones..
If I was gonna buy a scooby Id by one a good fews years old
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

They had P regs ones in York with the Grey alloys on for 12k is that good ? Didnt look at the mileage but as scoobys engines are built like brick sh1t houses mileage isnt so important is it ? well something around 60k anyway.

Is that the P reg a P1 model or something ?

There are a few for sale on scoobynet for better money than that!
The MY97/98 suffered from Piston slap which inturn proved to be a tad fatal to the engine (cause not proven but oil starvation looks the best).
The new shape are not as quick due to them being heavier but they did come out top in their class in a recent crash tests in the USA so they are safe cars

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

My only problem is I would never buy a 2nd hand sports car because they have been thrashed but if I could get around 280bhp out of a WRX then this is the one I would go for.

although scoobies look evo is probably the easiest to get to the 400bhp mark....on the boxer engine, its almost financially impossible!!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

But BenR the initial outlay for a Scooby is less m8, we dont all have gold lined pockets. If I can save over 6k on an import of UK spec then this could be used for tunning !
  FRST and 106 GTi

even thou you can buy a wrx with std 215bhp, remember that this is a turbo car and has got a major list of mods to tune that boxer engine...

just look into remap the ecu on a turbo engine... can expect +- 30bhp. On the impreza superchips even says 40bhp gains.

The best way is to tune up the engine, intercooler in front, hks full exhaust system, samco hoses, induction kit by hks, etc etc and only in the end you get a map for your ecu designed specialy for your own car.

you can go to... you can get some ideas.

Superchips! eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!
wouldnt go that way, too many engine rebuilds due to them!
Most gains of around 30bhp are though decatting the car (3 cats on the new shape WRX) so lots of potential there
ECUTEK have a remapped ecu in developement which should be able to push the car to 270-80 bhp (depending on which one you go for).
The engines are good aslong as you dont kick the ass out of the boost (ie keep it below 20psi and it should be ok).


Some tuning accessory places
there is also TSL but not sure on their web page

With a full decat exhaust on a MY01 WRX and on, with an ITG air mat, we have been able to dyno results at over 260 BHP. In order to get more BHP & Lb/Ft torque, other adjustments need to be made, but not bad without any engine work!!

I would not advise the superchip route, will not comment why though. However to really get extra power out now, a replacement or piggy back ECU will be required, one that fully remaps, not one that adjusts the boost control. An ECU is being worked on that will boost power to over 300BHP with the above-mentioned mods.

Any more than that, you will need to rework the engine i.e. head work, bigger turbo, equal length manifolds etc.

The MY01 and on is a heavier car, app 130kgs heavier, but it is a better car and faster to drive on the twisties/circuit compared to a comparably modded pre MY01 Impreza (we have proved this many times), because its stiffer by a big margin and this makes a big difference.

The 4 pot brakes are OKish but are not up to the job of proper driving/tack work (they fade too much!!)

At the end of the day, its up to you but its not always about how quick a car is in a straight line (unless you are of the traffic light boy racer fraternity, which I am sure youre not.

Help the engine to breathe better (£500-700ish) and youll be on your way. The standard set up will just about handle that power increase but id advise improving the brakes and then the handling and im sure youll be happy. Itll still be cheaper than an STI also.