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Transmission Loss

My valver is in for its 48K sevice at the moment, and after I was thinking about putting it on a rolling road to see what shes kicking out!

What kind of power @ the wheels should I be looking at (everything is standard) and what is the transmission loss, as I know my mates rolling road transmission loss is always wrong (both my brothers R5 GTT & Saxo VTS show 45+BHP loss, which I know is bullsh*t)


  BMW 320d Sport

Between 100 and 120 is about right. Sorry cant be more accurate than that but Renault wont say and every rolling road tells you something different!

any idea of why is that so Nick?

cause my valver (with full Supersprint xhaust only - no cat, stainless steel manifold) did 88 kW - 120 PS on wheels. on flywheel after DIN correction it said there was 131 PS@6124rpm??? just adding that im always under 8 sec, and 7 seconds is achievable... (adn low 15s 1/4miles)... on earth is this possible?

one more question: what rpms do you have, when driving in 4 gear@60mph?

cheers Maciej
  BMW 320d Sport

Well trans loss is a big subject that causes all sorts of arguments! Glad you quoted 1/4 mile times cos theyre the only figures I trust. If youre running low 15s then youre probably packing around 150+ bhp, comparing it to a normal 16v.

Dont know what revs I have in 4th gear, Ill go and check. But I am running a Williams gearbox so it will be different anyway.