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Trophy and 2 DC5s, Black Mountains

  Mazda 3 MPS
I had just pulled into my drive near Ystradgynlais and the two Dc5s went by closely followed by the Trophy.

Trophy had a private plate but couldn't really see it. I'm assuming you'd come from the Black Mountains!

Nice, wet and windy day for it ;)
  Mazda 3 MPS
Tbh, I've simplified that. The town actually I live in is much harder to pronounce. Still, 'lol' though :)


  clio 1.2 -2000-
Not too far away from me then "Mafiew" Im in swansea, used to live in cilfrew.


ClioSport Club Member
Hello mate... that would have been me in the Trophy. :D

We arranged a drive at short notice as our friend (one of the DC5 owners) is going away for a few months and fancied one last drive. Sadly the weather was lousy but we still had a great time.

My partner (Evandim) was leading in her Civic Type-R and we also had another Civic Type-R, Saxo and Focus in addition to the DC5's and my Trophy.

I'll post up some pics in the picture section shortly. :cool: