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Trophy No 42.

  MX5 30th Anni
Hello chaps,

Had the T outside and the Kent sunshine decided to make an appearance and I felt like I should give her a little clean. Nothing fancy but I liked the look of her and decided to take a few photos.

Sorry for the sun streaks in some of them, although I kind of like it!

Enjoy the pink mean machine!






  MX5 30th Anni
looks good, needs a splitter though ;)

I quite like it without the splitter. But Sir_Dave has twisted my arm a little and will look to fit one in the next few months!

Any Corsa VXR pics?

Haha that is my next door neighbours all stickered up from Le-Mans, I will take some when he has cleaned it as it is filthy!

Very nice, I may be joining the trophy club soon!

Join the Trophy club. Join the "elite" few!

Thanks for the other comments guys!

Fletch, what is your incoming car?