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Turning to the dark side!!

In my current search for a valver i am also starting to look at other cars. For the money im willing to part with i can either get a 16v or a 205 with a Mi16 engine. This is tempting coz it chucks out about 160bph as standard. What do you think guys (and gals) about your totally unbiased opinons of course!!

I like Pugs too Still think you should get a Valver though. Much nicer interior than the 205 for starters and, believe it or not, the 205 will out rattle a valver any day!


The only thing is i owned a Pug 1.9 for 2 years. As i only owned a 16v for 3 weeks i dont really have a comparison. The only down side of the clio that i really have is that the pedals are too close together. I mean, i only have size 8 feet! Maybe its time to buy those racing booties that i have always wanted!!!