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Tyre pressure for a 195/45/15

My car had 165/60/14 tyres on rsi alloys as standard. The recommended pressure was 2.2 bar all round (About 22-23 PSi)

Ive now bought 15s with 195/4/15 tyres and theres nothing on the tyre to tell you the pressure.

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Not sure - i run my 185/55/15s on about 40 psi - the tyres state max of 51 psi....does anyone know if they are over/under inflated?

Wouldve thought your tyres ben would be similar - what make are they?

i thought the spare should have been in the middle of the two, because if you get a puncture, one of the wheels will be quite considerably over inflated

the pressures should be between 30 and 35 psi

thought it is always a good idea to get a tyre specialist/fitter to check the pressures - everyone knows that over inflated tyres in the winter are a recipe for disaster

When I got my 195/45/15s fitted the bloke at the garage (that only does wheels, tyres and exhausts so he knows his stuff) said that they should be all at 30psi.

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all the above figures are fine, i find the best is 36 front and 35 rear, but obviously you might find different depending on how you like the car to handle