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UK/Import 172 Used Prices.

Im selling my 02 172 soon which is a Euro import from Motorpoint (paid £11700ish).

Ive been looking on Autotrader and there doesnt seem to be any difference in used prices between the two (in fact hardly anyone even mentions Uk/import).

Has anyone had any dealings with buying/selling 172s and do you agree there is no price difference?

I pitty those who paid £15k+ for theirs if this is the case.

And to be honest most people will not even know about the Uk/import thing anyway.


When I bought my import, I also looked at older uk cars at the same price, makes a difference in my area (Cornwall).

The only difference would be when you come to trade the car in, if your selling privately you could conceivably get some mug willing to give you too much for it!


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delears suxx..

well just to give you an idea, i got my 2002 mk2 172 with 5600 miles on the clock for 9000..

but I have never seen any this low anywhere since i got mine.

AFAIK Renaultsport only make 1 version of the 172 and it is the same all through Europe. Only dealer fit items vary, which in the case of the UK would mean a Cat 1 Alarm. Even the CD changer has disappeared from the standard fit list (luckily mine was one of the last to get it!). Some imports like VWs have differing equipment, but with the 172, they are the same spec.

My V5 gives no clue that it is imported and by the time I come to sell it (privately), I wouldnt expect a massive price difference between mine and a UK supplied model. Especially as I do very low mileage and keep the car in pristine condition. If I was buying second hand, Id be looking more at how well the car has been kept, rather than worrying if it rolled off a UK dealer forecourt. Well used UK model or mint import? - know which Id chose!

I say put it up privately for the going rate. Hell, knock £500 off for it being an import and make it cheaper - if you paid £11700, that was about £3500-£4000 off the list price at the time. Its the same car at the end of the day and there have to be more imports around than UK models anyway.

Just my opinion!