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Ultimate’s 172 Show Car Project Thread Hydrodipped and Vinyl Wrapped.

Right where do I start.

I’ve had this car for over a year now, and initially bought it for a show/demo car at the same time as starting my business. Unfortunately at the time, I was very busy with work and therefore this project got put back and the car was forgot about.

I did however purchase some 182 wheels, some next brake discs and pads.

The car arrived like this



With the 182 wheels (with a plasticdippied grey bonnet, but you'll see more below)


Fitted the new discs and also put sportlines on the front, still yet to do the rears
New steering wheel was also purchased as the old one had disintegrated.

As a test for the business we set about testing plastidipping and decided to test the bonnent matte grey and the rest of the car matte red. Timelapse video of this process below.


Or a few pictures of how it looked after.




It was then decided a few months later it was nowhere near as good/professional as a vinyl wrap so started to peal it off.


In the mean time the hydro graphics business was up and running so it was time to start dipping the interior/exterior.

Few pictures below of some carbon dip off the car.





I was initially going to use each part of the car as a sample but decided I wanted to keep clean, so I've gone with all carbon for the interior and I shall be doing 2 types of carbon for the exterior.

Current state of exterior parts.


to be continued after my dinner :)
  172 Cup & Mini C 1.6
Work looks fantastic tyler. Ill get you to do some carbon dipping for me in the near future :)
Right so now the professional wrapping service can begin. I've opted for a top quality blue metallic vinyl.

I've striped most of the car of parts anyway for the dipping process, but went the extra length to remove as much as possible to make the vinyl process as professional and neat as can be.

My brother fits vinyl for a living but doesn't dismantle cars, hence why I've done this part myself.

This was a pre bumper off picture.


I have a time lapse from start to its current state but will upload this once complete.



And how the car stands now



Its amazing vinyl and the color is awesome, expect this to look wicked in the sunlight.
  FF Artic 182
How does the door pull feel after its been dipped?? Hate the sticky rubber feel of em as standard
I can't get over those 172 wheels! They look epic!

Cheers Dan


Tyler, how much does that cost and can any wheel be done?

Yes, any wheel can be done.

We charge £350 for 17”/18“ and that's fully stripped, powder-coated, Carbon'd, lacquered, new valve and balanced. Tyre removal/refit included also if the car is one site.

Waiting to see RS grill ;) how much would engine cover be looks :cool::approve:


Me too :) currently looks like this

Engine cover is - £80
Add £3 for the decal to the above price (any colour)

My full price list can be found in my trade section or here***-Price-List-2014-***


Pat 182

ClioSport Club Member
  cliosport 182
looks like mine lol but mines on me car lol ;)

would engine cover be exchange price??

Cheers Pat