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Unlock iPhone 4 on Orange?

  Mk2 MX5 1.8iS - Side
I've just been offered an unwanted upgrade from a friend. iPhone 4, on Orange, for a decent price.

Is it difficult to unlock it?

Would I have to wait 3 months?
  Mondial 172Cup (A/C)
i dont believe Orange offer an unlocking service... you would have to find "alternative" methods.


ClioSport Club Member
I'm looking into this at the moment with my 3GS.

Seems you need to be the original purchaser, you must of has it for 3+ months and you then have to pay £20 for the pleasure.

I'm f**king orange off after this contract ends in May, they have had my business for way too long.
  Mk2 MX5 1.8iS - Side
I have bought it for cheap enough to sell it on ebay for a decent profit, then buy another, unlocked one, and sell my 3gs.

Think that's what I'll do.


ClioSport Club Member
  CBR1000RR Fireblade
I've just unlocked my 4 that's on Vodafone, it took 2 days, one phone call and a restore.

Out of interest my mrs rang orange to get her 3GS unlocked. It's going to take 31 days, a £20 fee and a restore.

That speaks volumes about orange IMO.