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unstable under hard braking


ClioSport Club Member
some of you lot may remember i had 16" turinis but went back to 15s again after only a week as i hated the handling.

now i put the turinis back on today, got the tyre pressure set up perfect, ive got s**t loads of grip but the steering still feels to light and "nervous" is the only word i can use to explain it.

now to the main problem thats bothering me, hard braking on a slightly uneven/bumpy road and the cars all over the place which it never does on the 15s.

anyone got any ideas, tracking was checked not that long ago on the 15s so should be fine, i was told it wont need done again when i went to 16s.

not looking good for the turinis, going to look for a mint set of 15s with some s**t hot tyres now...


check your pads may be binding,,,,,,,,jack the car up..test for free rotation...i had same prob on 16's.....changed my pads and got springs put on....

but yeah check your pads
Your brakes have been bled arn't they?

Turinis arn't bent etc are they?

How bad is it does the wheel move a little or is it dangerous?

Don't need the tracking checked when chnaging wheels though.

Try swopping the wheels round see if you can see if its one bent wheel etc.


ClioSport Club Member
brakes havnt been bled, new pads and disks about a month ago. (noticed i get a lot more brake dust on the passengers side wheel than i do on the driver side btw!)

under braking it doesnt feel dangerous just doesnt feel planted and stable like it does with the 15s.

when hammering down a straight the wheel just moves slightly over bumps just left and right a tiny bit but enough to make the car feel like its floating.

theres no vibration coming thru the car it feels nice and smooth so i wouldnt think any of the wheels are bent or buckled? just had 2 new rear tyres and the 2 fronts are basically new too! running 33psi front/30psi rear (same as i ran on 15s)
Martin_89 said:
brakes havnt been bled, new pads and disks about a month ago. (noticed i get a lot more brake dust on the passengers side wheel than i do on the driver side btw!)
Sounds like the sliders arn't worktin strip the caliepr odd and grease the slider up.
Might just be the tyres since they are lower profile are more tight and reacting more.


ClioSport Club Member
yeah thought with them being lower profile and wider that was causing this, but surely 172's/182s arnt like this because my opinion is that it feels SHITE! but could it be down to mine having electric power steering?

edit: 2 rear wheels were balenced last month when they got new tyres (only done about 200 miles) and the front would have been balenced about a month ago, ill swap the front and rear wheels tomorrow to see how it feels
  M2 Competition
Lower the pressure a wee bit on the front, have ran that high in front before and it felt very light to steer, remember you have less tyre than you did with 15's.

30 front might help fella, see how it goes.

Also, the 1.2's do have lighter steering than the sports.
  M2 Competition
Yeah, try 28 rear.

At the mo tho im running the same front and rear, its fun round corners :) Ive got 31 psi both ends, but guessing my engine weighs a fair bit more than yours. I was surprised how much difference pressures make to the handling!

As for the braking, im unsure mate.


ClioSport Club Member
yeah tell me about it, on the stirling meet i was hammering it round left hand corners keeping up with the 172s but couldnt go fast at all round right hand corners because my passengers side front tyre was down at 26-27psi
  Monaco Blue Mk2
Nah, keep the rears at 30, prob best running 32front 30rear. Though I doub't you'd notice any difference changing the tyre presure that little. If your laft calliper is working more than your right then that would explaing your uneven brake dust/pad wear and also the feeling/tendancy for it to move about under braking. As edde said it'll be a seized slider, get some copper grease on there. And see how that is. Try it with the balanced wheels on the front but make sure you have the right presures on front/back.
If you have wider tyres on the 16's then that will alter the feel and increase it's tendancy to tramline. I had this sort of thing when I first got turinis but you soon get used to it and I have full confidence in mine. More so than in the originals.


ClioSport Club Member
cheers mate, ill check the caliper and get some copper grease on it.

so what im feeling is tramlining? its ok if im going 100% straight but if i move it slightly to the left or right the wheel starts to move a bit, its not dangerous or anything just doesnt feel as solid and planted as it did with the 15s.
  172 cup
mines skitish under very hard braking but i figured it was standard, my old golf did it and that was due to having to much rear bias on the brakes.
  Monaco Blue Mk2
It's tramlining if it feels like the wheels are following the contours and bumps in the road easily. With wider wheels if you hit a pothole it will have more of an effect and a tendancy to pull the steering wheel in your hands.
I noticed it a bit at first but after I'd drove it for a week or two it becomes un-noticable.