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Took a mates 5GTT to BBPT on Saturday to get fixed...and so i could check on the progress of the 16v turbo!!!

Those of you that went to trax on sunday will also know what i mean as you no doubt would have checked it out there!

For those that havent see it...WOW!!!

Ive been keeping regular tabs on its progress and im happy to report that it is very very very nearly complete!!!
Its all installed and sorted and running, they are just fine tuning and tweeking the management and bits!!

And it is incredible!!!

The car is black, dropped on maxpower stings 17s with a side exit exhaust!!

But the engine...WOW!!! Its a work of art!! You could eat your dinner off it!!

And the sound when he fired it up!!! Mmmmmm.......

And as for performance!.... *gulp*!!!
All i can say is watch out 172s!!! You dont stand a chance!!! ..unless youve got a Capt special!

The low boost setup they have running at present is good for over 200bhp and over 200 lb/ft torque!!! Oh YES!!!

Obviously it is capable of much much more as well!

I want one soooooooooooooooo badly!!! I must have one, i will have one!!!

Just got to wait "a few more months until its on sale"!

How much does a good turbo conversion cost - i.e. one where all the complimentary mods are done? £3-5k??

yep, that would be kewl Mathew..

e cost.. I would say for a PROPER job, about 5k..

if you get the bits from a source like Mathew did lol - or from Andy at bb.. for the valver.., then maybe 3.5k in all..


you get..

275-300 bhp, reliability, performance to marry .. and the ability to add bhp / torque at will (within reason !!) - all depends how much bottle ya got and what ya want..

300 from a 172 should be available with turbo crank, rods, omega forged pistons @7.5 - 8.5:1 CR, DTA Engine management and a strong desire to sh*t yerself


oh, and the DTA Ecu is 550 + vat, comes with traction / launch control too..

great value.. but ya need to MAKE a wiring loom and have it mapped.. sheeeeeesh, no probs lol