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Took a mates 5GTT to BBPT on Saturday to get fixed...and so i could check on the progress of the 16v turbo!!!

Those of you that went to trax on sunday will also know what i mean as you no doubt would have checked it out there!

For those that havent see it...WOW!!!

Ive been keeping regular tabs on its progress and im happy to report that it is very very very nearly complete!!!
Its all installed and sorted and running, they are just fine tuning and tweeking the management and bits!!

And it is incredible!!!

The car is black, dropped on maxpower stings 17s with a side exit exhaust!!

But the engine...WOW!!! Its a work of art!! You could eat your dinner off it!!

And the sound when he fired it up!!! Mmmmmm.......

And as for performance!.... *gulp*!!!
All i can say is watch out 172s!!! You dont stand a chance!!! ..unless youve got a Capt special!

The low boost setup they have running at present is good for over 200bhp and over 200 lb/ft torque!!! Oh YES!!!

Obviously it is capable of much much more as well!

I want one soooooooooooooooo badly!!! I must have one, i will have one!!!

Just got to wait "a few more months until its on sale"!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

It was just that Glenn said it was a low boost setup at the moment.

Im planning on running my s/c conversion on standard internals....for the time being anyway.


To be honest....i dont know!!
Im not a mechanically minded person!!

The main thing i remember is the battery being relocated in the boot to make way for a chargecooler in its place under the bonnet!!

I think they are going two ways with the turbo! One setup for low boost & standardness / the other for all out engine work which will be their drag car and Andy said they are aiming for 400bhp?!?!?

Either way call Andy and check it out! Top bloke, always makes time for you!

Where did you just check Joe?? Is there finally something on their website about it!?!

They had a 172 down there on Saturday too (and of course their v6!!), Andy said that if you had the 16v turbo and the 172 going along side by side in 5th at low revs; the 172 would have to drop down to 3rd to keep up with the 16v turbo flooring it in 5th!!!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

400bhp? I doubt it somehow.

However, I will gladly eat my words (and my hat) if they pull it off.


No, I spoke to andy.

I would also say 400 is a tad optimistic lol

the fueling isnt setup yet on the BB turbo, but its still showing 200+ and 200 foot/pounds at 5000 rpm.

The 172 will be a far more tunable beast, espesially with the turbo bottom end from the vel-satis, which I have..

I am looking to stroke the crank too as there is so much meat on the big ends, should give 2.1 ltrs.. I dont think 300 bhp and 300 + Fp torque are unreasonable. Just looking for a set of rods at the mo..


Glenns right, we are almost there with the turbo conversion for the valver.

The spec of our own car is Low compression 7.5:1 so 200 BHP at 12 psi is very good figure. We are hoping to extract 400 BHP from our own car for publicity purposes and its not as hard as it sounds ( if we can extract a PROVEN 300 BHP from a 1.4 8 valve 1960s tractor engine on a Carb.) Then 400 BHP from a turbo valver should be a walk in the park !! Our only concern is the gearbox.

I hope your hats not to big Paul, LOL !!

The conversion will be on sale soon after we have carried out the relavent testing.


Andy i think you should bring along your 16v turbo to the Southend meet this Saturday (14th)!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!! See the meetings forum for details!!

Annnnnnd...Do i get to be top of the list of people to buy your turbo whens its for sale for me doing all my great PR and advertising for you!?!?

that would be entertaining Andy ..

the hat eating I mean, as well as the power..

I can imagine 400 for a demo being possible. On mine, I am aiming for 275 useable.. but have enough blocks and parts to run the 172 unit to silly power levels and possibly detruction..

when that happens.. I will wind the boost back a tad..

Nice work with the conversion !.. the 172 should be entertainig too - to say the least...


What i mean by publicity is a very short burst on a dyno. Running on 117 octane fuel etc. This sort of power will not be used on customers cars unless they have the money to keep up with maintainence and rebuilds ( No different to the owners of 450 - 600BHP Cosworths )
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams


I am currently undertaking a supercharger conversion on an F7P engine from a 19 16v (same as clio, as Im sure you know). Is this somthing you have ever looked at?