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Update on my Turbo Installation.

can i ask how you learnt how to do the conversion?
obviously you are an accomplished mechanic but in terms of the turbo addition and other parts how did you know what was required and reset the fueling etc? is there some kind of established guide of how the conversion should be done? rather than just go to bb or ktec.

basic knowledge really. u need the manifold and pipework. then u need to sort the fueling. as a basic. but obviously youd want inter or charge cooling. oil/water feeds plus coolers. lower the head compression. uprate gearbox, clutch, brakes, suspension to cope etc. just gotta work ya way along.

lookin good! is that silver thing a charge cooler? can u not re route the outlet from that to go closer to the fan to open some room for a filter?
  300bhp MR2 Turbo

What you aiming for mate, low or high boost?

Take it if your going high then the engines been out and youve put better pistons etc in there?

I dont think any one could do something like that, youd have to have a pretty good knowledge and large collection of tools at a bare minimum.

oh yea matt for sure, i was just tryin to explain it in basic terms. its a wee bit harder than i made it seem ;)
  GSXR 600

Ben, Im using NGK BCP7ET.

I wouldnt say I got a lot of knowledge, but I always ask alot of questions ;)

anyone seen the hillpower induction kit?

Full spec on my member profile.

Cheers Tony.

Very impressive spec.........Same suspension set up as me and the carbon bits would finish it of nicely.

What you building it for fastroad, track and 1/4mileing?

good work:D
  GSXR 600

Originally it was going to be a track car, but its taken so long that I would be able to live with myself it i crashed it! Mainly it will be just a weekend car, maybe a few 1/4 miles so i can she what it can do ;)

The battery lives in the footwell behind the passager seat.

u wont need a hillpower or any enclosed induction kit if its chargecooled, smack an induction kit on the end, job done


send some more pictures from outside, I realy like blue/grey combination.

Are those Clio Maxi wheels and what offset are they.

and loose that ecotek, because you will be loosing inlet pressure

[Edited by izibizi on 07 March 2005 at 9:21pm]

Looks like its come on a hell of a way mate since i came to pick that interior up all those months back lol. fair play
  GSXR 600

I got to say a big thanks to BenR for all the help, and the hundreds of questions I asked him!

izibizi, no ecoteck, maybe its the one-way valves you can see?? The wheels are the prima sport ones, they still sell them, so have a look on there web site.

any other questions just ask.

Cheers Tony.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Looks good dude, nice!

Id leave the "Elly" hose like that, looks mynt mush! Just need to drill a hole in the bonnet and jobs a goodun ;)