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Updated pics (sideskirts fitted)

  2.0 175dci rs meggy


those turbines look massive compared to my ronals

maybe its just the tyre profiles!

any way looking good!
  A silver Honda


Jamie - yeah thats probably right, im getting some low profile tyres soon.

Beatjunkie - They are quite easy to fit, it was difficult to drill the holes TBH. I snapped a drill bit:oops:

They still need a few more screws but they are held in firm at moment anyway.
  A silver Honda

No, only tapping screws.

You dont really need them on RSI sideskirts as they have plenty of holes for fixing.
  A silver Honda

Thats true Winston lol.

Feirce - I bought the skirts off a guy from the Renault Sports Club for £35 inc delivery.

IIRC Theyre £220 + vat each brand new from Renault!!!

The bumpers are the original phase 3 style.

I might add a 172/182 splitter on the front and rear in the future to give them more depth.

[Edited by Darth Oli on 3/27/2005 4:39:08 PM]