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*Urgent* 16v Alternator help

Unfortunately the alternator on my luverly phase 1 valver has given up the ghost. After contacting the garage about getting it sorted (not Reno) I was told "oh you will have to get the serial//model numbers form the alternator as there are four different versions for the car"

This seemed weird as having checked the Andyspares website there was clearly only one alternator listed for my car...

Anyhow looking at my alternator i can see "YV1653" as a number along with "17.93"

So, a few questions!!

1) Is the garage talking out of there ass about there being four distinctly different alternators?

2) Would any of you be able to tell me if the numbers I have gealned from my car are the ones the garage was reffering to, if not would you have any idea what / where the numbers are that i do need?

3) In a worst case scenario can any of you give me any pointers with regards to fitting an alternator myself, as it seems its hard to get ppl to take on work at this time of year!!

Any help you guys and girls can give me would be greatly appreciated!!



ive got a perfect one from my phase 1 1.8 16v that i dont need any more after my new williams engine came with one, if you want it i will post for £30, teres no doudt about it, its the right one,

save some money and fit it yourself its not difficult

There are indeed four available. But...

The first two are for cars produced from about winter 1990 to summer 1991 - in both 70w and 110w output (the latter for cars with air con). If you were sharp, youd know that the Clio 16v didnt come to the UK until late 1991 and it never came with air con in the UK. So basically these first two are for non-UK cars.

The post summer 1991 alternators again come in 70w and 110w flavours, but the high output one again was intended for non-UK air con models - although it would do you no harm to fit one!
  350z & 16v Maxi

Ive got a 95 16v but my alternator is not powerful enough for my ICE. Will one of those other 4 be higher ampage and if so what one is it for and will it fit mine without much trouble?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Ben H, do you know if there is the same with the Clio RTs ?

as id like a higher output alternator if poss and ive never been able to find one so far