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used clay for the first time today


  Clio 197

cleaned the clio today as it was a good day for it and i had the day off work
sorry for the wrong order in fotos,dont know how to change them

cleaned using:-
2 bucket method ag shampoo
ag clay bar and lubricante(first time i have ever used a clay bar!!!)
ag super resin polish
ag aqua wax
mr muscle window cleaner
oh yes the trusty dyson vacum

sorry about all the auto glym products but it was just what they sold in the local motor spares shop(apart from turtle wax)
the only thing i missed was the tyre black, i think???

all comments welcome good and bad

snuck a pic in of the ktec steath i fitted yesterday aswell must say love the sound
  Clio 197
nice one, i am dying to give mine a thorough clean. Unless your a really into your detailing you wont have gone far wrong with the AG stuff :)


  Clio 197
cheers for the comments, never really thought too much about the font just went for something that looked standardish but smaller letters!!!