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Used Zymol wax today... brilliant stuff.

i bought a bottle of the Zymol Cleaner Wax months ago and have tried to used on a few occassions without much success, left the paintwork all streaky and it look horrible.

Gave i another go today, after discovering the final stage hidden in the depths of the usage instructions.

After you have applied the wax, you buff it off, which is when the streaks appear (which im guessing due to non-uniform distribution of the wax).


You spray a fine mist of cold, clena water on to the panel and buff off with another clean cloth, as this "sets" the wax and gets rid of the smears/streak.

The results are amazing... far better that the AutoGlym Polish and the Turtle Wax Emerald series that I have used before...

The one downside is that my hands are still blue, despite numerous washing with soap, Gunk, washing up liquid etc.

I think I paid somewhere aroun £12-£15 for the 500ml bottle from Halfords, but it is well worth it, AND it smells lovely too.

Would love to see what it looks like with some AutoGlym Extra Gloss or turtlewax GlossGuard on top.

Check it out.



  Shiny red R32

About time you lot started using this stuff, my hubby has used it on his Beemer for ages! You cant use it when it is sunny or if your paintwork is warm, because you must rub it off before it dries.

It makes your hands smell very tropical!
  BMW 320d Sport

oh well Ive been a cheapskate and got the old turtle wax with the chipstick cos I couldnt afford a front end respray in the end. Gotta say the results were better than with Autoglym. Probably cos you need a perfect surface for the Autoglym.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Is that turtlewax with the chipkit any good? I have a pretty chipped bonnet with going up the motorway a lot. Does it cover minor scratches too?
  BMW 320d Sport

Well it looks pretty good now and I waxed it last week. you dont end up with white residue everywhere like with the Autoglym. The chipstick is not perfect you can see all the chips if you look closely but from a few feet away you dont notice them at all. A lot cheaper than a respray even if its only a temporary solution!