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Hey guys

just got back from tanning myself in Spain! On the way back, I was flicking thru a french modding-magazine which was like max power (eeugh) but had the professionalism of Autocar or Top gear Mag.

Anyways, to cut a long story short - they had a feature on a V6 compresseur, which looked quite simliar, but a few subtle mods such as quad zorsts, mk3 rear lights but mk2 front lights.

anyone seen or heard of it? it looks well nice! dunno whether it was modded or comes like that from renault, because I cant understand french!!!

Sorry nick I didn;t buy the magazine as I woulve wasted about £4 on something I couldnt read!

That £4 will get me 40miles which is worth more to me (unemployed atm) than a french modding magazine!

Yes the bodykit was very slightly different from the wonderful V6 we know and love. It was only to the trained eye you could tell subtle touches - but it looked so sweet!