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Valver 1 - Willy - 0 hehe


Had a blast with a willy 2 last week. Lets just say i let him knew whos boss!! I just managed to transfer a pic of it as i havent had my infrared gadget.

To be honest i wasnt that surprised as i beat a williams twice up the strip a few weeks back but i was always enjoy a challenge. 1st and 2nd gear i was ahead convingcingly, slammed into 3rd and still he couldnt pass (loaction: dual carrageway - Conditions = Dry), into 4th and was level got to about 115 mph and had to slow down. Again off a rounderbout he was beside me, 2nd gear i pulled ahead!!! However got to about 120 where i was fading slighly he pulled ahead. Nice friendly flash of the lights and hazards as we stopped at a T junction below:

Let the valver performance not be under-rated!


There isnt that much difference in a striaght line, despite what the man in the pub would have you believe (depending on whether you got a Monday morning or Friday afternoon Valver), although the 16v will always be more difficult to extract the full potential - e.g. imagine you get out of that post 4.5krpm power band. My bets would be on that Willy opening up a gap once you hit some of my fine Welsh B-roads.

I would say, if you can drive a Valver very well, you can beat a lot of supposedly quicker cars.

Look at Craggy, he has a VTS and hes shaming people - I bet 9/10ths of it is down to his driving - Anyone seen his gear changes?! :)


I know valvers are pretty rapid...

I think the main difference between them and the williams in terms of on the road performance would only really be noticeable perhaps up hills or round the twisties...where the williams could use its torque and suspension set up to its advantage.

A blast up a duel carriageway and Im not surprised it was neck and neck.. or even that you went passed.
  clio 20v

mine is a lot quicker with the 2.0 litre if it wasnt id be a bit disapointed and it wasnt exactly slow wid the 1800

its only quicker conditions allowing traction comes a problem in the wet, racin clean 16v in the wet is a pain as i cant get traction in first or second and his corners quicker than mine on coilovers, only other thing with the 2l is as cleans is chipped it will rev a good 1000rpm more than mine so i dont catch by much wen i have to shift up and hes still in a lower gear

also havin more than 1 passenger in the valver was a performance killer the willy engine doesnt suffer as much

Yeh i completely agree on twisty B roads or uphill challenges a willy would certainly pull some distance between the two cars.

sorry mate i understand, better get one myself. may av sum door cards,clocks,etc for you will know for def tomora. whats the score with your motor?

Off the road at the mo as im having a bit of engine work done - not all mods just engine maintenence.

You up for going for a blast the next sunny sunday?
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

I can vouch for Aarons valver !! Very nice and putting out good power for a valver.

Fapping nice car !! Is that willy bit that bondys sorting 4 ya !!

Its one car i would like to come up against on a 1/4 mile !!

The others know who they are !! Roll on august !!

as in engine mods or wheels? engine has been chipped and camened with air filter cold air box pbv and exhaust . its bout 150 bhp atf. wheels are standard phase 1 rims