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valver side exit exhaust

  ph1 172
Got hold of a brand new one of those devil side exit exhausts that they ran on the valver race cars.

From what i can see it goes straight from the back of the cat and is just a stright-through pipe to the passenger side just in front of the rear wheel. Now you dont have to be a genius to realise that its going to be stupidly loud.

My initial idea was to have a big silencer made to replace the cat to quieten it down a bit and my car is 1991 so it wouldnt be a problem with emissions.

Now my question really is how quiet can i get it with just a silencer in place of the cat?
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
I don't really know, but i'm sure if you ring a few Custom exhaust places they'd be able to give you an idea!
  ph1 172
it would sound nice for about a minute until i was deaf and had to drive it with people looking at me thinking "what a..."


ClioSport Club Member
  535d / t5 caravelle
get a silencer on it, get it fitted and get some pics/videos up :evil: