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Valver vs Civic Type R

  clio 20v

just had a good play today on the lancs went through about a quarter of a tank of juice lol

first race comin off a r/a at 30mph i was leadin and i waited till hed almost straightened up (not quite jus incase it was loads quicker lol) and nailed it upto about 120, i left him by loads

side by side in a straight drag race theres not much in it but by cheatin an getin on the power early from rollin starts i was able to pull a comfortable margin on it

best ap-22 run he did was 16.5 secs to hundered but its not stored in the unit so i cant put up the split times

  clio 20v

hehe thats willy power for ya, the civics are stupidly quick once in the power band but that power band is very small so comin off a r/a at slow speeds i was able to pull a huge lead

straight line there similar but havin been in the civic the vtec power band feels really quick an i was slightly worried about getting smoked

i want another couple of ap-22 runs now cos my best is 17.9 so i kno i can do better hopin to get in the 16s

Yeh ive had a play with a couple of Civic Type-Rs and never had a problem against em. Like you say they are quick when the v-tec comes in but it gives such a massive kick it makes em feel quicker than they r.


Two CTRs went past me on the way back from work, so I gave chase and......they murdered me. Mind you, I was driving a 1.25 Fiesta at the time :oops:
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

I drove a CTR the other day and it wasnt as quick as I expected.

Then, yesterday I went to bouremouth in the Lotus (running it in mind) and a CTR pulled away from me in front of me and it looked like it went pretty well, certiainly looked faster than the one I drove felt.


pmitchell - Was the one you drove run in?

Mates at works got one and after the first service it felt a lot quicker! But then again he cant keep up with the valve on roundabouts. Straightline there not too much in it, untill the v-tec kicks in a then its prity equal. But i still whoop his ass!

Its not the car you drive, its the way you drive it! :D
  Toureg vW Transporte

we used to have an elise as a company car until bloke spun it and they took it off the road.not as quick as the 340 brake impreza they got at work though

its all well and good racing your modded birds cars against a standard ctr-you could mod a honda lawnmower to thrash your VA VA VOOM(eh!)cars.he couldnt keep up with me on the twisties etc etc(yawn).as for the ctr having no grunt below 6k-bollox!have u noticed how no mags even mention renault clios in the same breath as CTR-FOCUS RS-R32-WRX-food for thought

bullit, most of use respect the CTR fine, i agree the motor is a stonker and a work of art, and is still easily tunable to 270bhp on a plenam. The chassis is not the finest though, but it is a good car.

I feel you are just being an arse for the sake of it, nobody here will take your comments seriously becuase of your tone. Grow up, talk properly and give reason and maybe well listen.

But shouldnt you be ashamed that a std slio 172 beat your CTR round coomb on its sh*tty tyres and with 20bhp less by 2 secs......ho hum, food for thought....


I have that test around Castle Combe handy for this sort of occasion!:D

The reason that these mags dont use the 172 anymore because, like the CTR, it has been vastly over exposed in the motoring press. There was a time when you couldnt pick up a mag and not see a test of a 172 vs.......

They just go with what they can get from the manufacturers, i.e why would renault wanna give up a 172 for a press car?

bullit - I suggest you go to the Nova/Saxo forums.

Your unique combination of deep thinking and charm will be welcome there.
  clio 20v

bullit you suck donkey c**k and ur not welcome here plus my birds car could have your breadvan anyday so there