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1.2 16v has Civic type R running scared!

  H22A7 Accord Type R

ok............i couldnt get my head around this! comin home from my mates house, 40ish up the main road, easy listening music on, chilling on way home at civic type R comes right up behind me, n sits half way on the other side of the, my clio must look like a 172! LMAO!!! i couldnt believe it......he was fishing for it!............against my 75 prancing horses, so i dropped to 30mph, stuck it in 4th and waited for him to pass........but he didnt! so i turned off, to head home, just as the traffic cops went flyinh past with their blues on lol! Weird! Cheers all, Rob

nice one mate! i tanned a golf gti a few weeks ago, well to be honest it flew by me so thought f**k it lets go, so caught up and undertook the bugger on the inside lane at around 85 in a 40 zone.......i declared myself the winner!

ralphie boy....nope unfortunately the 5o didnt get me....for some reason i checked around me before i done it...sorry to disappoint also its a zone just off of 70 zone, no houses, dual lane, no kids and clear stretch of road

I was chuffed about strutting my stuff against a cosworth a couple of weeks back, was lowered to the deck and still couldnt catch me round the twisties, then on a better look in my rear view i saw no bonnet vents, a fake :cry:

was racing my mate in his Golf Gti 16v last night, not too fast down the A4 through maidenhead, but leavin him round the roundabouts. We came to the police roundabout, thought i better go round this one slowly, but as he was catchin up he didnt and came after me sideways. And a police car was exitin the station onto the roundabout at the same time. lol. They went absolutely nutz. then told him to get in the back of the police car so he could watch what he had done. They had an onboard camera filmin him! LAME. but he said the back went out because he hit a pot hole and was fully under control. ooggghhhh. They said he has a nice car and let him off.