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Very quiet Stainless Exhaust!

I was looking for a stainless steel exhaust that didnt make the old biddys complain around my area. I today fitted a Scorpion back box and its as quiet as my original standard one! In my opinion the box looks great with a 3 1/2 inch tailpipe!

If your after a bit of noise then this one isnt for you, but if you want stainless and still keeping it very quiet then I recommend this one. I got mine today (courtesy of Bondy!). Thought this thread might be uselfull as a few people have asked about getting one but without the noise.

Mike, no probs - you just entered the image locaiton incorrectly.. All file names to the Uploader are lower case.. so if you upload PicTURE.JPg it will be: picture.jpg


Ok thanks DAZ.

DTWD thats one hell of a seat by the side but its not mine as my hips are too big these days! :D

(belongs to my mums car honestly)

Exhaust looks mint mate.. The Scorpion engraved into it finishes it off to give a proper classy look!


Well, I just had a backbox made for mine.. and its LOUD! Still standard centre, cat etc..

Unusal to find a sport exhaust which doesnt make lots of noise!


My Scorpion has a good bit of burble from the backbox! Admittedly I have had the Scorpion stainless Grp A bore centre section with no secondary silencing fitted, but Im fairly sure the backbox itself is what gives the sporty tone (as de-silencing would just increase volume??). Must vary from one model to another then.

But in general, I think youve made a fine choice. Ive been mor than happy with my Scorpion since Ive had it, and from reading magazine tests, its about the best for power gains out of any mainstream aftermarket exhaust system.

Thanks for the comments. I think the secondary silencer makes it quiet as I am sure mine would burble like your theICEman if i had a straight middle section.

Dont think my neighbours would appreciate the extra noise as I would be beaten to death with their walking sticks and then strapped to a Zimmer Frame!

I read a few tests and also thought the write up sounded good. I think it depends what you want from your exhaust.( I do like the noisy ones as well )

This what i wanted when i got my exhaust and i got the opposite, look nice and discreet, whats it like a high revs? I just wanted a refined noise! got a rally noise!

At high revs it just a as quiet as the standard exhaust. I expected the sound to come in at higher revs but it didnt. The rest of my exhaust is totaly standard with a middle section.

If you remove the center silencer it will sound louder (see theICEman above). Keep the standard exhaust on Rajk and just use a Scorpion back box and its as quiet as it gets! When I got this from Bondy he said it was quiet and it certainly is.