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want decent suspension for 172 ps2 any help?

  03 RS clio 172 flameR
looking for some decent coil overs as going the turdburglar ring nxt year (nurburgring) and need more grip as standard suspentions bit bouncy?

any sergestions as suspensions neva been my speciallty and thers a million makes, was thinking apex or koni, anything better?
  03 RS clio 172 flameR
nice on ben, whers th best place buy?
my only real outgoings are for my car, i dont care bout much else.
  In between cars....
Theres a good group buy on coilovers at the minute mate, think youd need to join up to see it though
Ive got KW v2's and I absooooolutly love them!

Yozzasport recommended these where by far the best for overall price, quality, adjustable dampening etc.
  03 RS clio 172 flameR
just spoke to my cousins BF and he seems to think coilovers will reck my car for road use becouse the roads are in such poor condition, again. suspension isnt my speciallty, but is he talkin poop?
  PH1 iceburg
if you buy good coilovers with adjustable damping and dont set ride height at stupid low levels the car will be fine
  03 RS clio 172 flameR
^^^^---- thanks mate thats what i said he was like " no no no" mind you he does own a fiat stilo arbarth auto!!! and a smart roadster!!!!!
i apoligise if reading that put you off eating however the truth is there!