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Want to run 172 brakes all round, what rear beam do i need?

  R5 GTT EFI Clio.
I have a 1.2 8v 2002 ph2mk2 clio, and want to run 172 brakes all around, becuase they are disks on the back etc, ready for when my project engine goes in.

What beam do i need? can it be any 172 beam?

  R5 GTT EFI Clio.
Thanks, but what i mean is does it have to be model specific? like a CUP for example? or can it be any 172 beam?
  Clio Mk2 Ph3
All clio' s 2 axle beams are the same.Change only,the antiroll bar inside.All 172 plus cup 22mm and all 182 plus cup 24mm.Go for a rear axle 182!!What about the stub axles??You already have them??
  330i. E30 Touring.
I've got a pair of stub axles. Most of the time they'll come on the beam you buy though.