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Warranty question

Picked up my brand spanking new clio 172 yesterday, i am shocked at how good the car is, far better than i hoped although im running it in and therefore keeping the revs below 3500 rpm, but i can feel the potential.

Anyway i was wondering whether you were supposed to have a warranty booklet or something along those lines, stating exactly what is and isnt covered under the two year scheme (import car), as i have absolutely nothing in writing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I didnt have anything either - I was advised to register it with my local Renault dealer (i.e. so they can tie the car to the person).

The dealer gave me a list of stuff I nedd to send to Renault UK - they didnt seem to think it was unusual so I guess it happens a lot. I can forward the list if you want.

Cheers that would be very helpful, if you could forward the list to

If possible could you also send me the contact details for Renault UK as i cant find them anywhere.

Cheers for your help