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Washed My Car!

Iv been bored today so washed the car and took lots of photos before its goes to the body shop tomorrow. Fitted the Cup Splitter and 172 Grill on Saturday.

looking good, what colour is it ???

looks blackish from the back but really turquize / blue/green in some shots?!?

crying out to be slammed too :D
  Mondeo STTDCI

U got a dent in the door?

Whats it going to the shop for? Colour coding too?

Amazing how so many ppl go for gash mesh grills when a nice 172/182 one fits lovely.

Its Nordic Green looks great in the sun. kinda flips between colours.

gunna get eibach pro springs in may probably before fcs hopefully.

Going in the body shop for,

New door from the idiot who hit my car with a trolly.

V6 Rear Spoiler, 172 Rear Bumper, Renault Clio Sport Body Kit Side Skirts, Colour Coded Door Handels, Side Mouldings and Front Bumper.

lol needs tyre gel deff and needs some new tyres soon aswell. hoepfully Yoz is sorting those out! ;-))

Quote: Originally posted by Tom_16v on 11 April 2005

Never seen that colour before......
good!! if you do let me no!

iv seen to others quite close 2 me, one being some old womans 1.2 who works at the same place as me!

xenons were factory fitted!
  Remapped derv Golf

Bet you spent a few bob on all them Clio RS parts

Love the colour

Hope theres not a 2.0 16v waiting to go on!!
  "Navy" N17 TWO

Looking great as I said on your Splitter thread;) thumbs up!

What did you wash it with?

Whats it going to cost to fix your door? - hope you get it sorted soon

lol i washed it just with some normal car shampoo from my garage!

got several quotes for the door from about £680 to £900. Dont no how much its actually costing the bloke who hit it is paying for it all. Its going in tonight, YES!

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