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washer leak!

  renault clio RT 1.4
if i fill up the washer bottle on my clio mk1 rt 5dr, it floods the passenger side rear-seat footwell and a fair amount in the front too.
i'd be interested to know if this has happened to anyone else before and how to solve it!
also does anyone know where the water is routed to get to the back wiper? as i've got working pumps but nothing comes out the back.

thanks in advance
  Punto/Clio GTT
im sure it goes under the sil section drivers side, under the plastic trim, behind the trim in the rear quarter then up onto the back seat bench and into the boot by the rear speakers.

so just trace the pipe from the sil backwards n find where the connecters came off as im sure they am connected by the seat bench. i know mine was anyway