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water temp&oil temp of v6

  V6 Mk1/Beat/E320/Mcoupe
i just installed water&oil temperature gauges. does anyone know what normal operating temperatures are and when is it getting a little high?
  V6 Mk1/Beat/E320/Mcoupe
not exactly sure where the sensors are. think the oil temp sensor is near the oil filter. not too sure where the water temp sensor is. where should the sensors be put?
what temperature is too high?
  V6 Mk1/Beat/E320/Mcoupe
found where the sensors are. the water temp sensor is at the upper coolant hose from the engine. the oil temp sensor is at the oil filter. both are extremely close to the engine, so the temperature should be relatively higher? so what should i expect normal operating temperatures to be? when is it too high?
thank you for any advice
  V6 Mk1/Beat/E320/Mcoupe
mine is like this:
water 85-100
oil 90-105

under normal driving conditions and a/c on and hong kong should Be relatively hotter than the UK.