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Went to see a Cup today

At the dealers in Doncaster.

I have booked a testdrive tomorow at 1400hrs as they have to take the car out of the showroom.

I loved the looks and the interor was great, they look so much better in the flesh.

Its a pre registerd one and they wanted 11995 for it which I thought was a bit expensive for a pre reg.

So tomorow I cant wait!

Has anyone seen them cheeper from a dealers?



I see your a convert from Scoobynet!

Anyway, I beleive it was FlyingScotsman that said there was a Cup in a dealer in Edinburgh ready to go for £11800. Dont know if it was pre-registered or not!

Is the test drive your getting tomorrow on a demo car, or is it a test drive with a probable view to buying, its quite unusual for a dealer to do that unless hes pretty sure your buying?
  320d M Sport

I bought the demo car! Snatched his arm off for it, got 2.5K off for a car with 60 miles!! RESULT, could be the secret behind my extraordinary power...??? hmmmmm
  320d M Sport

hahaha, thats my new years resolution, i promise i wont say it again.... (what i really mean is i know im in for a fall!)
  mk2 172

or smug 190 as seems to be the case!, if jon comes paddy well see the most powerful 172 against the most powerful williams:D old skool grudge match

Well I told him I would like to drive the car before I buy it.

That is the only they have so they have to let me drive it!!!

Sunday morning and where???

I dont know donny that well, I live near Goole, and whats going on on Sunday morning?

you do realise that once you have driven it there is no way you are NOT going to buy it. Be honest, youre just convincing yourself arent you!

Exactly what happened to me, "was only a test drive"

lol, all the best to ya anyway!


Im new here, so hello!!!

Youll love it. I tested one with a view to it convincing me to buy another car that I had tested. I drove it, loved it and ordered one, picked itup just before Christmas. In the end it saved me 10 grand as I had just about committed to buying an Elise, the Cup is far more fun!

Have fun!!



  Shiny red R32

Here are two Cups for sale in the Auto Trader online:

2002 RENAULT CLIO 2.0 16V Renaultsport 172 Cup 3dr Hatchback
Metallic Blue. Alloy wheels, Anti theft system, CD, Central locking, Driver airbag, Electric windows, uk car, as new condition, house purchase forces sale. 2800 miles. £11895.
Tel: 01729 823674 or 015242 72674
Email:">U face=Arial

Price: £11,895

I live in a Place called Gilberdyke near Howden.

Your not very far from me!

Where did you get your Cup from? Was it a good deal?


I live in Temple Hirst nr Carlton!

I bought mine from Reg VARDY Sheffield, I had the 2nd in the country and paid full wack!

Saw the car and drove it.

Loved it to bits I could not believe the throttle response!!

But I dont theink the dealer is playing ball, Its already registerd in their name so I will be the 2nd owner, its also there dispaly model, even though I was the first to test drive it, no doubt it will have more miles on it if I want to buy it. They are knocking it down to 11995 from 12995 is this ok?

What do you guys think?


Sorry I wasnt very clear there, I got an unregistered car, but as I got 1 off the first it was meant to be for the showroom!

I love mine but ive got 4000 on the clock:(

Still not sure on the handling sometimes, and the power delivery need it on a rolling road especially after reading PGTI


  Shiny red R32


Very often towards the end of the month, if dealers havent quite met their target sales, they will register extra cars just to make up their numbers and to get their bonus. I think that most people buying a car, where it has already been registered in a dealers name, realise that this is what dealers do and I dont think it really makes much difference, as the car hasnt been driven at all. It is different if the sales manager has thrashed it for three thousand miles! I would think it is worth having if £1,000 has been knocked off the price! What do others think?


  Shiny red R32

Oh, just noticed that it has done 39 miles, which is nothing much, maybe it was driven from a dock / delivery point or perhaps the sales guys have road-tested it!!