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Wet Related Misfire / Battery Drain

  V6 Ph2 + Audi S3(8V)

I've been struggling with an intermittent misfire on the 172 Ph1 for a few weeks.

I've swapped the plugs, HT leads and coil pack for brand-new Renault items without success. The only thing left to change is the pre-cat Lambda but I'm doubtful this is the cause, unless someone thinks otherwise?

Anyway, I've narrowed it down to being a wet/damp related issue. It first happened after I drove to Heathrow in very heavy rain/saturated roads. It's then got progressively less and less often until the floods 2 days ago. I had to plough through a number of floods and the misfire came back REALLY BAD.

I managed to get home and left the car overnight. Coming back to it the next day and there is no power at all, couldn't open the doors on the blipper and no dash lights when putting key in ignition.

Have put battery on charge but wondering if anyone has any ideas what could be going on? Certainly seems to be a wiring/electrical issue....
  V6 Ph2 + Audi S3(8V)
For future ref, changed the front O2 sensor and this has cured the car's hesitance/misfire/over fuelling or whatever it was.