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What camera for £100 ish ...

I basicallly want a camera to replace my getting tired Nikon coolpix 4600.

Id rather purchase off ebay or second hand really as i know in jessops etc £100 wouldnt get alot...

I cant really find anything i particularly like and im not all up on cameras

found a fuji s5800 that look's pretty decent.

Im rabbling now...

Basically id like a camera with an array of settings to play with...

Variable shutter speed
Good night shots

doesnt have to be a compact but would prefer a smaller one compared to an SLR for example.

Cheers in advance
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I have a canon a640 which i got off ebay about 8 months ago for £100 brand new was going for bout £140 everywhere else. It was an american import but already in the country. Quality cameras highly recommend it and its 10mp.


  Focus TDCi
I have a Fuji S5700, it has M, A, S, P, ISO etc.. basically everything it sounds like you're after. Can pick one up new for about £90 now. It's a bridge camera so it'll handle a bit more like an SLR than the A590 if you're planning on getting serious in future.

Depends if you want something slim for nights out, or something a little more serious :)
  Titanium 182
Up the budget by £50 and i got a Fuji finepix s9500 off someone on here :D awesome camera!!