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What colour phase 1?


ClioSport Club Member
Hi Guys

I have a chance to paint my phase 1 track car at work any colour I want. At the moment it is black and has a carbon bonnet. Do I go for another black colour like ruby black or black gold or go for something different like racing blue or lotus krypton green?
Racing blue ph1's look the tits but something else would be sweet too. Storm grey or one of the Audi greys.



ClioSport Club Member

This is the car at the mo. The photo does make the paintwork look better than it is!


ClioSport Club Member
Narrowing it down to:-

Acid yellow
Luna or storm grey
Racing blue
Viper or alien green



ClioSport Club Member
Has to suit the car though that is the issue. Also do people think it has to be a Renault colour?
  Ph1 track car, Dci
Who cares if its not a renault colour, do what you want to do. That grey is nice but greens a good shout for a track car!