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What is quicker a VTS or a Williams........

  BMW 320d Sport

I waver on 16v vs VTS, its down to the driver, but IMHO Willy vs VTS is no match at all. The Willy would cane a VTS off the line, off a rolling start, at the top end, whatever way you wanna play it the Willy is quicker. Plus the special Willy bonus is you aint gonna see your mum driving around town in a shopping car that looks exactly like yours.

I have gota say, I raced 2 vtss in my standard Willy 2. Nick is dead right, I obliterated one from around 10 mph (around a roundabout) then onto our local bypass, with no problems at all. The other was along the A12 and again, absolutely kicked its sorry arse all the way upto *30 ish.

  190 BHP Willy 2

my m8 has a vts and we always race each other, it definately depends who gets the better launch. acceleration wise they are exactly the same. in my experience anyway. So a willy would not have a problem.
  Clio V6 255

crikey! looking at the SSC board (I used to be a member, but after changing cars the membership fee was far too expensive), so many people I remember! still, ive now got a better car! :) my clio may be slower by a couple of cc, but it has a much better build quality to it.:D